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05/06 SJ SITE UPDATES: Updates to Snow Japan for the new season (Updated 12th Jan)

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A couple of site suggestions for if or when you may have time.


Firstly, more Greamilins, if possible some related to snow would be fantastic eg a snowman, snow cloud, someone being hit by a snowball... anything snow related would be convenient when posting, if and when you have the time


Secondly, currently if I click on the members profile in the forum I have no idea about what they have written in reviews, journals or what photos they have posted, it would be great to have a link to the persons photo gallery, journals etc. I realize that these are actually different areas of the site at different domains so maybe not possible, just a suggestion, if it is possible


Thanks for providing a great site for ski crazy people like myself to come and play.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Hello RockyV, thanks for the ideas.


Well earlier this year we did make some new snowy icons for the forums - like this guy cool.gif


About your second point... it would be great if we could seamlessly link up all the functionality on the Forums with our Insider section, but unfortunately that is not possible (as they are different applications). We have tried to link them up as much as possible though (including you can now put a link to your Forums profile on your member page) and for the most part it is quite easy to find the info.


Anyway we have made one modification.... there is now a new Profile Field called “SJ Insider member ID:” where you can put your Insider member ID.


In the majority of cases people use exactly the same user ID for both the Forums and Insider. Anyway if your Insider ID is RockyV, then just put that in the new field.


To find someone elses member page, just put their Insider ID at the end of this:




So for example, in your case it would be:





Hope that helps a bit!


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  • SnowJapan Moderator



The SJ weather forecasts and snow depth info for the majority of resorts around Japan is now up and running.


The weekly weather forecast is updated every 3 hours, while snow depth information is updated once a day.


Please note that, unlike our Now! reporting, Snow Japan does not have any control over the weather data and snow depth data.


The weather data is provided by a reputable major Japanese weather forecasting company, whilst the snow depth data is ultimately being provided by the ski resorts themselves. The data does not come cheap, and so we encourage you all to make the most of it and hope that you find it to be of great use.



For more information about our weather reporting, please check this page:



If you do find something that you feel is obviously in error, then please send us an email editor@snowjapan.com and we will look into it - we do care about what is shown on our site. We would prefer to discuss any issues like this via email than on the Forums - thanks for your understanding on this.


Anyway, a recap of what is available:




On most of the Resort pages of Snow Japan you will find the weekly weather forecast for the resorts - see the above example.




Find out snow depths at resorts around Japan




Customizable version of the above - create your own page that lists only the resorts you are interested in.




This page shows the resorts with the most snow on their slopes.




This page shows the resorts that have received the most new snow since the previous day.




For more information about our very own Now! reporting, please click here:



Have a great winter!

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  • SnowJapan Moderator



Now that the Snow Japan Now! reports are getting into full swing for the season, remember you can sign up to receive a notification email as soon as any of them are updated online.


To sign up, all you have to do is to go to this page:


(you need to be logged in to Insider)




All of the Snow Japan Now! reports are written by reporters based in the locations covered and all are reporting on the conditions out there - just as they are. What we mean by that is there are no resorts or anyone putting pressure on us to say that conditions are better than they are and such like. If it's raining and conditions are really bad..... that's exactly what we will report. (But hopefully we won't have to do that too much).



Remember as well that this season we have our new Now! Calendar that brings all the reports together by date on one page:


For example, check out the reports posted for today:


You can also check out all the previously reported posts all the way back to 2002 in the same way.


As if you didn't already know, here are all the current Now! pages:


Niseko Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/niseko-now.php

Hakuba Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/hakuba-now.php

Yuzawa Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/yuzawa-now.php

Nozawa Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/nozawa-now.php

Shiga Kogen Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/shiga-kogen-now.php

Arai Now! http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/arai-now.php

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Apart from the fact that those regions are some of the most popular regions, there's another important reason..... someone there who is able to do the reports! Doing the reports takes a fair amount of work to do every single day of the season.


We would be happy to consider doing other new "Now" pages - we'd need the area to be a popular one and also have someone in that location who is able to commit to doing the reports throughout the season.



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We're really pleased to see quite a lot of people already uploading photos even at this stage in the season. Keep them coming! cool.gif


We would however like to make a few things about the Photos section a little clearer (and we have modified the uploading page to reflect this).


Apart from the obvious things (like offensive images, porn, etc), the following are not appropriate for the SJ Photos section:


- things that have nothing to do with winter sports and/or Japan;


- images that have nothing to do with any specific resort, but have been linked up to a resort when uploaded. If your image is not of a specific resort, then please do not specify one when you upload it! (We cannot edit just a caption and so the photo would have to be deleted in that case);


- images/captions that look like advertisements


With this new section the aim is to build up (with your help!) a comprehensive visual guide to the Japanese winter sports scene, and so we ask that the section not be used just as a place where you can upload anything onto the web - that's not the idea.


Please note that we will delete anything that we feel is not appropriate, and unfortunately we won't be able to spend time emailing people who have not read the guidelines and posted something we don't think is appropriate.


Thanks for your understanding!


Looking forward to seeing your pics.


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  • SnowJapan Admin

We looked into this and there was actually a small bug in the Photo galleries that meant that the photos were not all displaying properly for users that have many pages of photos.


The problem has now been fixed and you should find all the galleries to now be working ok.


Thanks for letting us know soubriquet.

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