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  1. It'd be real hard to choose just one I'd have thought. Ask me in May. I'd have thought an "if all resorts where located the same distance from you" test would be better. Getting to places is just a pain.
  2. Quote: more than you would ever want to know about Hotchkiss-Brand Staplers ha, for sure!
  3. Well more than that to find the hardcore skiers/boarders rather than posters!
  4. Just love those now reports you guys do - top work. I have a question - how come these 6 areas are the ones covered by them?
  5. No I actually said **** Anyway, yeah I'll be in touch. Not sure about hooking up with "beginner toque" though.... First trip will be with some Japanese friends heading up to Nozawa
  6. Haha, I see. So you a beginner then, keeping to those nice gentle slopes?
  7. I'm hoping to go up there for a week. So many places to find out about this year!
  8. A bit too far from the snow for my liking, but not complaining. Shizuoka, northern part.
  9. 4845 - that looks pretty hardcore I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few mad skiers out there sometime this season.
  10. ****! new to japan and thought I'd be wanting for info on skiing but found this place, what a ****ing awesome site - better all round than any for any other country I know. I'm well stoked. Anyhows, I've been skiing 20 years now and I'm well up for finding all the places this winter. I'm in Shizuoka so I think my place is gonna be Nagano/Gifu maybe, and thinking of a week up tops in Hokks. Who be the hardcore set?
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