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 Originally Posted By: sock_monkey
BTW what boots are those? I'm really serious about getting set up with dynafit gear if I can find a way to afford it.

My boots are Scarpa Spirit 4
There is a review of AT boots on the TGR forum. Tries to compare most of the boots on the market to get their stiffness on a scale.
The Spirit 4 seems to be up there with the Garmont Adrenaline.

It is pricy to buy into Dynafit but one of the best choices I've made in buying backcountry gear.

 Originally Posted By: Fattwins
Ill look into it more this season but the reviews ive seen arent alll that good. Yes they are light but that is about all the good stuff Ive heard about them.

I've never read a bad review of Dynafit. I'd think all people that buy them know what they are getting.
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Well I hope you are happy with the questions that you have asked.

The responses look pretty good

But as you and SM mentioned. It is an expensive change.

I dropped $1200 cdn on my new rig.

I'm super stoked by it though. Can't wait to get some bigger boards under the bindings next season. I'm thinking a 90-95mm waiste at 180 should be a great backcountry ride especially for the snow I'm skiing which is not often very deep.

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What a thread.


(I must admit to giving up on it and viewing a few random pages after the first few!)


I did learn that there is snow in japan from it though.

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