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Okay people...

If you have a time & money... where you might go for New Years' vacation....


Choice of Answers


1. Niseko (Japan)

2. Italy (....yammy food)

3. Austria

4. France

5. Swiss

6. Canada

7. USA

8. Korea

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On list then the USA. Some big mountain riding in Alaska followed by some winter sun on an exclusive bit off Hawaii that has killer waves. And no, I don't have the money.

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Kuma-chan, thank you v. much for reminding me about relationship with Chocolate and me. (Damn! I love taste of it but seriously I cannot take it! Only one product which I can take is CAFE MOKA, as you know! )


...Re:Germany. Europe sounds SUPER but NO WAY I gonna pay 180,000yen for just flight to go there, I hope I can get flight from London by Ryan Air. (But I doubt it.)

Perhaps... Seatle or Vancouver. Or Staying Japan for Niseko.... well let's see what my man gonna say about it.


So you will be Nagano or Niigata, right.

I guess snow is not that good in December thought :p




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