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I broke my L1 L2 and L3 (Lumbar, lower back)...


no spectacular story...

at Kirkwood near reno...raining at 8000 ft'...a good 6" of slush...

it was actually my "last run"...for real...cruising not to fast, caught an edge, flipped and found one of the mountains bare spots...


doc told me the pain I was feeling was about equivalent to labor pains...sucks to be a girl!



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Yeah, I done my knees in too. Did it hiking mountains without stretching enough, then last season I did my ankle in and the temporary spasticity of the ankle brought on some good ole knee pain. Great stuff.


Getting smacked on the achilles tendon by my Freebord a while back hurt like hell and still gives me gip.


Dinged my left thumb good and proper when I started boarding and thought it was done for good, but turns out it wasn't.


Took a flying dive off my bike when I was fifteen and did a headplant on the tarmac, and spent 48 hours in a coma. Been bloody argumentative ever since. ;\)

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Worst ever teleskiing at little Sierra Summit in California. Skiing in 2 ft plus of powder in the trees. Caught a treetop that was buried in the snow and it tossed me. Problem is with the tele cable bindings - the ski stayed attached. Thought I broke my foot but just badly sprained my ankle. I was still feeling that ankle sprain 3 months later.

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No real bad ski injuries but here's a list from various racing endevours over the years.. Top this list if you can...(although I've never done the coma thing)


Ruptured ACL in Right knee, Medial Minicus cartilage removed at same time... Broken (non-union) Scafoid in Right wrist... 9 broken ribs on 6 occasions... broken greater tuberosity (ball) in Right shoulder... Compression fracture of T 5, 6, & 7 (thoratic vertibrae between shoulder blades)... Rotary dislocation of left shoulder... 4 busted teeth... couple of broken fingers... broken baby toe on left foot... ruptured bursa in left elbow...


Man I feel old just listing that crap... Feel even older when I try to get out of bed in the morning...


But seriously folks - I had a LOT of fun racing bikes, cars & go-Karts... just took me a lot of time and money to figure out that I didn't have what it took.... Luck...... :rolleyes:

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I twisted me knee once of a Jump In Sutton Quebec but I have 2 friends that injuried themselves horriblily.


First one Friend Darby was riding with us at Sun peaks. _Guy was having a bad day first off his new binding is missing a bolt before the first run goes and fixes it. Then he was riding down a small noll into a small valley on the other side is a bigger noll both Dary and and another boarder friend of mine wanted to do oppisite things darby wanted to go up one side and the other guy up the other. when they saw each other they both zigged and the nose of their boards caught their shins. Darby got a boot top compound frachure mean right in half. the other guy lore both ACLs. 1 year for darby and 2 monthes for the other guy.


Next one same season sking a run that was marginal for snow a friend mick crashed and rolled. during the roll mick put the tail of his ski to the binding through ho groin no joke. Lucky for mick he was with friends and they got the patrol, they were freaked when they got to the bottom. The head patroler gord not only saved his life he saved his leg. He took him down without taking the ski out to a waiting helo.

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In my (limited) experience, I've never had more than a sore bum and muscles the next day. But I know a couple of people (skiers) who complain of the done in knees too, it must be quite common.

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Sun Peaks.. that brings back some memories... I remember when that thing was a fledgling "Todd Mountain"...


They have had a LOT of development there in the past couple of years with a great deal of money from either a Japanese or Taiwanese investor - as well as Nancy Greene pulling out of Whistler and making it her perminant home...


I have 2 or three freinds that share a few condos there.. They swear by the place now..


As well they have some GREAT mountian bike trails in and around there and Kamloops.. Seems to me they hosted a 24hr MTB Race and a World Cup MTB race last summer as well...


My, My but how things have changed....

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Compound fracture to my left arm pole vaulting and had three operations on it. In a hospital for about 6 weeks.


Torn medial meniscus on my right knee from running to many 100 plus mile weeks. Outpatient operation.


Had a sewer lid dropped on my big toe and broke it.


Too many skateboarding and bmx spills to list - could probably make a funniest home video.


About a month or two ago, after a going away party and several pints and shots riding back home on a mama chari we were doing the "Tour de Hondori" and racing from one end to the other. Then we decided to sprint really fast and slam on the brakes and slide, fun right? Well, at one point Im sure I was going at maximum speed and hit the brakes - right over a small line of water... you get the picture right? Like one of those old-school cartoons where the Coyote goes flying up in the air after stepping on a banana. My mates were laughing out of control for about 30 mins... had a bruise and a bad limp for about a month \:o

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From snowboarding:

cracked ribs twice (now have flat spot on side of rib cage)

Partially dislocate shoulder in carwheel

Torn tricep in a different cartwheel

split quad by slamming into ice and pinching muscle between wrist guard and femur

Bruised forearms from pressure of wristguards bearing on muscles

Lost filling by hitting jaw at warp factor


From other activities:

Went through 2 glass doors @ age 3 and nearly lost an eye.

Big bike prang at 7 rearranged all front teeth (needed braces for a while) and cracked joint of jaw.

Cut tendons for 2 fingers in right hand.

Ripped open right knee playing cafe racer on bike and hitting the road surface after the back wheel slipped in gravel.

Broken 5 small toes and the left big toe over the years (feet are now NOT pretty things).

Broken little finger, once at second knuckle and once between wrist and first knuckle (makes my guitar a little harder to play).

Inflamed bursa in shoulder after car accident.

Went through windscreen of car from the outside in (different accident).

Enough scars to make playing join-the-dots fairly easy.


Raury=unco :rolleyes:

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I think you could rephrase your signature Raury - it sounds like you're not trying hard enough not to break things.


I have my doubts about wrist guards - are they really a good thing? I use them for non-snow boarding, never for snowboarding, but they look as though they could a good deal of damage to your forearms and hands themselves in a fall. They grazed my forearmas a fair bit in just a mild fall the other day. Whaddya reckon?

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i think there will always be a debate about whether wrist guards are a good thing or not. I wear them. Basically, because i always have when it comes to snowboarding. I'm pretty sure that they have saved my wrists from snapping a few times.


But on the flip side, i have jarred my shoulder and/or elbow a couple of times. This i think is because of the wrist guards. they do not relly abosrb shock all that well, they merely direct it away from the wrist.


I think you have to asess what kind of rider you are, what the conditions are like, and what part of the body you would prefer to have injured!! Are you the kind of person that will be more likely to fall backward and put your hands out to break your fall?? If so, id be wearing wrist guards. I would rather have a jarred shoulder for a day or two than a broken wrist for a couple of weeks. Obviously if the snow is soft or your riding powder then wrist guards aren't going to be as effective as if youare riding ice. The impact is going to be greater on ice or really compacted hard snow.


Anyway, i don't really know how much sense this made, but it makes sense to me!! \:D


Just my 2 cents!



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I wouldn't dream of going out without wrist guards. I use rollerblade wrist guards over a pair of ski gloves.


Yes you do end up with bruised forearms, but I'd rather that than broken wrists.


We've had a few discussions on it on Sno Info forums , including this one and while not entirely on the subject, there is some discussion in this thread .


My main thing is that, if you break one of the bones in your arm, it is far eaasier to get it right than if you break something in your wrist.


Personal preference really.

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They would also stop you from tearing tendons, as any big deformation of the wrist will pull the tendons.


As I have had tendons in my right palm repaired, I am also paranoid about ripping them apart again. Another reason for me to wear guards.

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