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  1. Nice pic there of poaching the line there at Happo-One. I have done that line many times myself and it is fantastic. Most excellent.
  2. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/gallery/readers-teleskier-1.html Here are some photos of Tateyama when I went up there June 10th two yrs ago. As for the Tateyama area - you need to get up to the Marudo Plateau. There are two ways to do this - you can go up via the Alpine Route over from Omachi (about 20km south of Hakuba Valley). This consists over a few electric buses that go through the moutain, a funicular and a tram ride. It takes about two hrs to get up to the Marudo Plateau. Do a search on the web for "Karobe Alpine Route". The other was is from the Toyama side I think (never done
  3. Not sure if Jimabocho is the same place as Ogawamachi but I recommend there. Just walk down the main street there and there are shops all over the place with sales too.
  4. Big fan of the Yokohama Train Station with some must stops in the near vicinity. 1. That cream puff place - Piping Hot Cream Puffs. Always have to pull over for that when I go to Yokohama. 2. New one is the Tokyo Soup Stop I think. Big fan of the pumpkin soup. 3. As always - Starbucks. The drive from Yokohama to Nagano (Hakuba Valley) will be about 4-4.5 hrs with no snow. Pretty good drive from there. Train sounds much better.
  5. Yeah, getting tele stuff over here - maybe a little tough. Recommend the most important thing that you purchase is a good pair of boots. Scarpa and Garmont both make great boots for tele. Crispi as well. Boots are pricey but you will be much more happier if you get a good pair. Next get a pair of bindings - I like the Hammerheads by Rainey Designs - may be hard to get over here in Japan seeing they are mostly sold online. You can also probably get a pair of G3 Targas pretty easily. Lastly worry about the skis. You can't mount the bindings pretty much on all alpine skis. Get a cheaper
  6. Yeah, skiing on a pair of 195cm AK Launchers with 5 yr old T2s. I was a little worried about the T2s and if they were going to be able to drive them. The seem to work pretty good but the T1s would be much better. On another note - they aren't that great on hardpack. Doesn't really matter to me since I hate skiing hardpack conditions. They rock in pow, crud, spring conditions. Not so good in moguls. I'm going to get a newer pair of T2's - three buckle and thermofit liners - much lighter.
  7. Yeah - I like to tele too. Only been once this year so far - have a new little guy only six months old as of now so that has slowed me down a little but well worth it. Generally go up to Hakuba and Happo-One and Hakuba 47/Goryu. Been teleing for quite a bit of time now. Look to be heading up the weekend of the 17th to Hakuba. Hope we get a little more snow between now and then. I'm a little sad as this will be my last winter in Japan....
  8. Would have to agree - brushing no existent snow off a chair on a warm spring day brings a laugh to me. Classic......
  9. Not necessarily annoying but a little funny. Sensory overload when getting on a lift. Things to tell you when to get on the lift mainly on the quad at Happo on Usagidaria. 1. Person telling you to 2. Lights going off 3. Wands opening 4. Buzzer and lastly 5. The chair and people in front of you have gone by Kind of funny to me.
  10. Ocean11, Hope that wasn't serious about all skiers all screwed up. Talk about a major generalization. I'm sure there was a day way back when you may not have been that good of a snowboarded and were a little out of control in regards to stopping, avoiding people, etc. Well here is a little story - my buddy goes up to snowboard at Hakuba47/Goryu the other weekend. A snowboarder runs into him - totally the Japanese guys fault and not his. Japanses dude doesn't get hurt but they go down to the ski patrol anyway. Somehow he gets his phone number and the Japanese guy wants to sue/extort m
  11. Not sure on the distance. I am thinking way more that 15km. A few years ago skiing at my favorite mtn back in the states - Wildcat in NH I was able to log some serious distance and vertical. I was able to churn out 5 runs/hr on a 2100 ft vertical detachable quad. No lines, nice spring skiing. I started skiing at 9 and quit at 2pm and got 25 runs for over 50,000 ft of vertical in five hrs. The average run there top to bottom is around 2 miles. So 2miles*25 runs = 50 miles. 50/.62 = 80km. Keep in mind this was a large day. By the way, people generally are more interested in how much ve
  12. Yes - they don't seem to use too much salt over here in Japan. Anybody know why? I just got a used Subara AWD wagon and looking forward to seeing how it performs in the snow. Looks like it is going to be sick up in Hakuba this weekend. Wish I was going to be there.
  13. Looks like it is going to be a great weekend up there with the new snow. Unfortunately I will most likely not be getting up there. What do you think for accumulations 80+cm? Don't want to jinx it though. Was up there the other day flying around and it was gorgeous. Looks like this storm will open up quite a bit more terrain up there. Enjoy.
  14. Just got back into town - anybody have the beta on conditions up in Hakuba this weekend and what appears to be open. Thanks
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