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  1. I am going to demo the 2003 - 2004 Atomic Respections on Thursday at Sapporo Kokusai Interesting new construction based on Beta Channels but with a new complicated Damping system - will post pictures and report upon return Could have demoed 2004 SL Beta Race, GS Beta Race, Ambitions or Respections... The respections are the only "new" redesigned ski so I thought they would be a good choice... probably the last day for me this year....
  2. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: A nice little bit of name-dropping there, I am sorry that the spelling in my previous post did not pass muster.... I will endevour in the future to do better.... It was not my intent to have you think that I was name dropping... Instead ( after seeing you make a great deal out of people's statements - contrary to your own - without requisite back up information and sources ) I felt that it would be best to quote who my credible sources were before you took issue with me suggesting that you were wrong in your opinion.... On the issue of the psycho
  3. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: In the Balkans and the Gulf, there was every chance that local diplomacy would work. Sorry Ocean but I have to call you on this one and I am afraid that you can not dispute my source... I freind of mine was the Commander and Cheif of Canadian Peace-Keeping Forces in the Balkins for over 18 months... His name is Col. Roger St. John (retired now and living in my hometown) and if you have the where-with-all you may be able to search this information and confirm it... Currently he and his company - St. John and Associates - are engaged in the management
  4. Ok - it's all well and fine for us to be engaged in this little freedom of speech excercise but - even though I'm Canadian - I'll be one of the first to cheer our "allies" in the event that they have to launch a US made Patriot Missle to avert a fizzle in my back yard.... It's always so easy for me to be rightously condemming of others when it has not much of a direct affect on me... And don't go starting that "Oh, but it does affect you Fred"... Every time Bush farts it affects the world economy and hence all of us... Regardless I find the differing points of veiw here very interes
  5. SF & SFG... I don't think that anyone asked "Who" you pray to and therefore your obvious and previously displayed anti-religious posture has raised it's head once again. If you have hopes, dreams or asparations then you "pray".... Maybe not to "God", perhaps to yourself, perhaps to the Halle Bop Comet???? Regardless,, I think that we all have to endure and have faith sometimes in something if not anything other than yourself - This is praying... If you and Sam settle down and have a couple of kids then "trust me" you'll learn to "Pray" soon enough.......
  6. Mogski, Try this site Data Rescue They have a free trial version available here Trial Version I am not sure whether you can save what it finds but at least you can see if it is recoverable or not.....
  7. Goretex was patented by the Gore Co. - per Milazooka - about 30 years ago or something like that.... Only recently the patent on the fabric technology relaxed - I think that this happens automatically after 25 years maybe ?? - which has allowed all sorts of copy-cat fabrics which do roughly the same thing... My Phenix gear is made with Diaplex which is like Gortex except that as the internal temperature on the inside surface of the fabric raises the pores in the material get bigger allowing a "air conditioning effect" which helps regulate some of the heat build up that is prevelent i
  8. Quote: Originally posted by db: What is the best way to wash a gortex jacket? You can machine wash your gortex at home but DON"T EVER use Powdered detergent... The powder never fully disolves in water and then plugs the pores of the Gortex... You can - and I have - use liquid laundry soap, shampoo or dishwashing liquid but remember that all that stuff is SUPER sudsy and if you put more than about a 500 yen coins size worth in the machine the machine will overflow for about 3 days with suds... Better yet go to any reputable Outdoor shop that sells hiking stuff and buy the liquid gortex det
  9. About 15 - 20 years ago American kids were getting a real tough go of it backpacking around Europe during summer holidays and so forth... Canadians however were enjoying a good international reputation and therefore were treated nicer by many locals... In order to identify themselves as such, Foreign Affairs Canada suggested and even handed out Canadian flag patches to be sewn to their backpacks or jackets so they could be readily identified and not discriminated against... Within a couple of years, however, this was all ruined by American kids who discovered they could get better tr
  10. Ocean, Perhaps you could translate a rather nasty messege in Kanji for us and post it here, so I can paste it onto some meshi and pass them out on the slopes.... Maybe...... Dear ignorant Git..... Perhaps you are unaware of the dangerous and selfish behaveour that you are currently exibiting... perhaps in the future you might consider parking you bony ass somewhere where it will not endanger the rest of us serious snow enthusiasts - like on a park bench in Odori Park or better yet watching snowboard videos at your parents house... Feel free to elaborate on the script.. but
  11. I can't imagine ever eating salad again without chopsticks........
  12. Quote: Originally posted by snowboard_freak: On the whole was the mountain busy? Certainly not by North American standards or by any other for that matter... Lift lines were always less than 10 people... probably due to the fact that they don't load chairs here - lots of pairs and singles riding by themselves - and no such thing as a singles line.... The mountain it self wasn't to bad for people except ( putting on fire proof suit now... please wait..... ) for the amazing amount of lazy ass, poser, wanna be snowboarders who park their asses in the middle of the slope in groups like wi
  13. Although it appears that Niseko is becoming a 4 letter word around here, I was just there - 13 & 14th - and offer the following brief report... Having had 3 other overnight trips to Niseko this year already I was very surprized to find the snow to be the best that I have experienced so far this year..... Please account for the fact that I am NOT a powder hound and so the groomed runs, trees and wind blown steeps were absolutely amazing.... Weather on Thursday - partly overcast and some snow and wind, about -5 degrees - snow HARD with a touch of ice in spots but perfect for full o
  14. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: Why can you use chopsticks so well? To this end and the utter embarassment of my wife I made quite a huge deal out of a J-freind's near perfect use of a fork the other night after they commented earlier in the meal on how well I used hashi..... Funny - I thought... they didn't see the humor in it what-so-ever.... kinda like the Japanese Gaijin concept - " D O E S N O T C O M P U T E "
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