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Mt Granview

Dynaland Ontake Shiga Kogen

You get Aussies there too?

According to some websites I have seen, the snow monkeys in Yamanouchi at the base of Shiga Kogen are actually in Hakuba.

As is Matsumoto Castle.

The Nagano Shinkansen.

And Mount Fuji.


Which is pretty remarkable really!





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Will be spending most of my time at the hills covered by the K-Pass in Hokkaido. Mostly Teine and Rusutsu. Also keen on a bit more time at Kokusai/Kiroro.


Possibly taking a trip down to Honshu this winter, probably Hakuba area, but nothing concrete yet.


And get to Rishiri


We went there and hiked it in July. A stunning place and an awesome mountain. It's on the bucket list for a spring ski trip!

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