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Gunma autumn colours: Tenjindaira and Oze (14th October 2012)

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So after Tanigawa we went back towards Minakami and then turned past the Okutone ski resort and Houdaigi, and then over on the road that goes to Oze.


The autumn colours on this road were full on, it was amazing... explosions of colour, almost unrealistic colours. It was so beautiful.


Over we went through Tokura, past Katashina and White World Oze and then back to Numata.


By the time we got on the expressway at Numata to come back mid afternoon, the Tanigawa area was completely covered in grey cloud and we couldn't even see the mountain. A big contrast to the conditions this morning.
































I really like Gunma.



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Great photos. I bet they look fantastic full size.


I took a look and like the Hakuba hills, at Tenjin its 2700 yen per adult for the lifts and 1000 yen to park!

I took my son up Tsugaike last week. I had a free ticket, but had I paid, that would have been 3300 yen just for me. Plus the 500 I did pay to park.

If you go as two adults and two over sixes, you're looking at 10,000 yen!

It isn't as if Tsugaike is the best autumn colour spot in Otari anyway.

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The car park was 500 yen I think, Mr Wiggles, but yes it is not cheap.

We took the top pair lift one way and walked back down from there.

So it cost us 4000 yen for the ropeway, 800 yen for two one way pair lift tickets and 500 yen for the car park - 5300 yen.


Having said that, the cost did not seem to put many people off yesterday, bonkers mad busy as it was.


Though I must admit that it has put us off going up the gondola in the past when we were asking ourselves should we go up there? Really, that much? Think we'll give it a miss this time.

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Presumably the gondola was set to "maximum speed" with the crowds of people around.


It does seem too much though. Perhaps not on a day and time like now peak autumn colours, but you would think the cost will put off a fair few people.

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