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Just a few pics taken in Cornwall last week. We stayed fairly close to St Ives in a lovely self-catering place and basically checked out that most southerly part of England.


Mostly the weather co-operated, and when it does the coastline is beautiful. Very good beer and some good Cornish pasties.


Really enjoyed it. thumbsup


(More pies and beer pics in this thread).


The Lizard
















St Ives








Cheeky git @ St Ives








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Yes the Eden Project is expensive to get in - 17.50.

Luckily, a few days previously I had bought the Guardian and there was a 2 for 1 voucher for the Eden Project in there! So two of us got in for that price.

It was only then that I found out that it is actually a charity.

I feel less ripped off paying prices for a charity than I do for some other places I have been to.

I bought a few things in the shop and had lunch to make up.



It is very interesting. That Amazon dome was well humid. Reminded me of being back in Japan!


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Lots of places in the UK are expensive to get in. Especially if you listen to my old man!


I took my inlaws to London in 2008 and it was a tenner for Westminster Abbey. I guess most people are out the door within half an hour.

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Yes Dads are famous for giving the old "things are so expensive these days" talk. But they are right aren't they. Things always seem to be more expensive than their worth I feel. Lots of the museums are good at free though/

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It's the Telegraph but they're right.




Shinjuku Gyoen 200 yen

Kew Gardens 13 quid plus travel to zone whatever.


Kew's bigger and better, but not eight times bigger and better. Most folks aren't plant geeks, so they'd be better off in one of London's parks where you can sit on the grass and look at big trees for nothing.

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Admission charges do seem steep.


But I got some discounts on places by booking online and using that Guardian 2 for 1 for Eden. I was lucky with the Eden one but definitely worth a look round for those things before going I reckon.

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I like Cornwall. I've been to Land´s End twice when I was a kid.

Made me think what England is all about then. Felt like I was in a different country, Gaelic...

Great pics by the way thumbsup

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Lands End is sadly now like a small amusement park and feels cheap.

The scenery is still there of course.

But The Lizard area beats Lands End both in terms of scenery and also not feeling 'cheap'.


There's also Anne's Pasties shop. She made a good pastie.

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