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Well my pictures don't come close to BD, but hopefully some will get the winter stokage up!


Enjoying the first real ski day!




Last year, messing around



Also last year,



Few years back



Also a few years back smile


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Originally Posted By: Jynxx
It's the feeling of "I can do that" and calculated risk plus not too worried about breaking some bones.

Calculated risk is not something that goes through a skier's mind while doing crazy stuff, trust me haha razz
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With opportunities like that, it gets more to the point of actually seeing them and approaching it the right way I think.


Not to say that I am anywhere near capable of hitting what that nutter JP does, though creative ability goes a long way.


Even though my body is brittle as, I am determined to have more of a crack this year, though not to the point of backflips, etc etc... obviously haha.

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