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  1. My suggestion is to get a tapered board. I recently bought a Burton Malolo for deep conditions like those in Jap. Tapered board will mean you can even downsize from your traditional board length. I.e. I usually ride a Rome Anthem 156(didnt like my Sapient PNB2 158 last year) which is stiff and now bought a Malolo 154. Tapered board means you get additional float due to larger nose size and tapered shape. Cant wait to hit it with my new board
  2. With opportunities like that, it gets more to the point of actually seeing them and approaching it the right way I think. Not to say that I am anywhere near capable of hitting what that nutter JP does, though creative ability goes a long way. Even though my body is brittle as, I am determined to have more of a crack this year, though not to the point of backflips, etc etc... obviously haha.
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