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What is everyones desired resorts to hit this year?


I wanna hit, in no particular order....



Shiga kogen

Nozawa Onsen

Alts Bandai (I went last year and loved it, but wanna go there after a big dump of snow)

Myoko Akakura

Suginohara (It was awesome last year)


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For me also not in this particular order, but :


Marunuma Kogen (went there last year was great)

Zao (Not been there yet)


Yuzawa Nakazato (various courses, and things for the whole family to do)

Greenpia Tsunan (Not so big, but I like the terrain)



And ones I will be doing for sure as they are on my doorstep,


Koumi Riekkutsu, 15 mins from my house




How many I will actually go to remains to be seen, but this is my basic plan anyway.

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That depends. I'm hoping work will bring me to snow country again this year. I basically train elementary school teachers how to teach English and I'm open to any invitations.


But anyway...

Happo or Takasu or Hachikita in ascending order

Beaver Creek


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Yes I used my car, it is possible to get a bus from Jyomo Kogen shinkansen station, but it is a pain in the rear and appartently takes for ever more, plus not plentyful.


Better to use your car, from the nearest inter which is NUMATA, you are looking at a good hour at least by car if the roads are clear, if it is dumping, which it usually is once you get nearer, it can take longer. And I recommend 4x4 with winter tyres, unless you enjoy getting stuck and slip-sliding every where.

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Will defineately hit up Happo, Iwatake, Cortina, Myoko Suginohara, Kagura and Manza Onsen.

I also hope I can get to Nozawa and Hakkoda(two of my favourite places to ride in Japan!) at some stage, too.

Just bought a car so I'm keen to check a couple of places closer to Tokyo which I haven't been to yet in Kusatsu Onsen and Tenjindaira.

But honesty I don't care where I ride if the conditions and company are good. Bring on December!

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not sure but all the races this season and last are only in Nagano...they change when they attend Junior High School.

Just glad Nozawa and Shiga are in Nagano.

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