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  1. Simian Mobile Disco have a new one out soon too. I liked their first one.
  2. With all the pies he eats on his off-time (George, not you pie-eater), perhaps 10 should be Too Chunky.
  3. Offer to make a private professionally-made porno. That's a good one.
  4. Does that not apply in other countries?
  5. Doesn't that create problems with kids coming into JHS with different "levels" and experience with English? I can imagine the ones who have enjoyed English before then getting fed up starting over..
  6. Saving gives peace of mind. But at the same time it can get ridiculous. My parents are still "saving" and every year I ask them --- why??? They have more than enough money to live comfortably and go on big holidays every year and buy pretty much anything they want. Yes they still seem to "save" and live on essentials rather than go out and enjoy. Thats the way I see it anyway, they always come back by saying there's nothing they want. Ideally I would die with very little money having spent it. Of course, not particularly easy to plan that... you could end up doing an MJ!
  7. I'm thinking of spending a few weeks up near Oze in Gunma in winter. (Long story, friend has a place up there in Katashina). Anyhows wondering if anyone is near there and where they like in the area. There seems to be a few places dotted around though generally quite small.
  8. I think I'd rather be enjoying the view looking up at it!
  9. Good maps would be too much of a common sense thing to do. Don't be silly
  10. Updated and shiny! And a rather expensive 1200 MS points.
  11. >> the shows and people watching A fine place to do those. I spent 6 days there a few years back. Might not ever go back but it was some experience.
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