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How long have you been skiing or snowboarding?

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Hi all (first time posting here)


This is my second year boarding.... in 2007 I decided I need a break and I went to the snow (Thredbo) for the second time in my life... (was a child then and I was at Buller) anyway I picked up a snowboard and fell over so many times I thought I never get the hang of it... sore and frustrated I decided I was going to keep at it and I improved my skills (with the help of a private lesson at Cornet Peak this year) and I went to Persher again this year....


I skill have troble linking turns and going toeside but I hope to work on that with a trip to japan in late jan early feb (rolling the numbers ATM)


(I also brought my own boots and board this year)

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First ever trip to the snow was in 1983 on a family trip to Guthega (NSW Snowy Mountains, Australia) for 1 week.


We stayed in Sponar's Chalet, and drove/got some shuttle up to & back from Guthega each day.

Guthega was it's own ski resort back then, there was no Blue Cow resort.


My sister & I picked it up pretty well, progressing to some very enjoyable & exhilarating runs down Parachute & Mother-In-Law (the tougher runs there) over our final 2 days of 5 in total skiing.


As such, Guthega will always hold fond memories for me.


Been most years since, skiing at some area for at least a few days to a week each year.


Worked the entire season at The Waterhole Bar (barman) at Blue Cow during the first 1 or 2 years of it's opening - 1990 when they had a really good season, and developed my skiing a fair bit better during that time.


But I didn't REALLY get into it until skiing almost 50 days at Blackcomb (as well as several at Whistler, Red Mountain & Cypress Bowl) in BC, Canada during 1995.


Whilst there I was encouraged to read the book: Inner Skiing (by Timothy Gallwey & Bob Kriegel) which I did after picking it up cheap in a small second-hand bookstore in Rossland, BC - the late 70's edition. Quite a good read for us skiiers.

Also took some nice lessons during that time.


Have skied with quite a few very good snowboarders over the years, and tried it several times myself.

Could do it OK, but cannot navigate various areas of the mountain I usually like to anywhere near as easily as on skis.


Love it.

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skied in austria about 20 years ago. had an accident. didn't realise i busted my ACL until last year in whakapapa NZ. finally realised what passion i have for snowsliding, quickly had my ACL reconstructed in jan08.


dec08 will be great milestone - post surgery - but will be swapping 2 sticks for a board since i have been surfing and skateboarding the last few years. hopefully, it will be a cinch.


i do not think that anyone else in malaysia can have as many snowboard mags as i do! smile they have been a great help to rehab.

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