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Bad luck mate! When I had my foot crushed to bits at work years ago, it took about 8 weeks to heal and a few more months of physio after that. You'll be ok by next season though.


Hope you get better soon.

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Terrible news Koko!

But you are taking it like a true champ.

Good for you.

And I hope you get to finish your trip off next year in fabulous style.

Good luck for the flight, and the surgery when you get home.

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thanks for more good wishes.


i like the concocted story , spook.

i think maybe doing backflips off a backcountry kicker and landing badly would be a good story.

i might use that one.. cheers bro'



maybe i shall see you in the morning. i leave at 9am to osaka.


anyway doods, its all good!

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Bad luck Koko. Hope they look after you on the flight home.

I did my fib and tib years ago. .........12 weeks man. I think things have improved a bit since then. My mate made a real mess of his leg last year, compound fracture, he was walking around again in 6 weeks with no cast.


Safe trip back to Newie old son. wave.gif


P.S. This would never have happened on a snowboard ;\)

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i am in the star class lounge at kansai airport after a horrendous drive from hakuba.

it puked snow all the way from nagoya to kyoto and the expressway was slow slow slow.


it took me nearly ten hours to get here.



glad i finally met tboy ewok and domo if only for a very very brief time




i am just about to get on board and am hogging down donuts and coke coz i am starving..


catch yas all wheni get home.


thanks all



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Hee hee

Now who's making up tall stories!!


My bet is he is stuck in an Aussie hospital bed after having the pin inserted and is without internet and decent food!! Awww!!!Poor Koko! Not the best way to end a vacation!


Speedy recovery!

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hi doods


i have made it home. i have been in hospital for a week.


they put a pin down my fibia and screwed it at the top and bottom.




here is the view from the ambulance hi-ace that got me from hakuba to kansai airport.



It puked down all the way from nagoya to kyoto and there was a horrid traffic jam the whole way. it was so frustrating.

we left hakuba about 8:30 am and got to kansai about 8 pm.

i was freaking that i would miss the plane.

They put me in star class on jetstar but it wasnt very good. not enough leg room and very ordinary indeed. i am glad i did not pay!


Any way back in newcastle hospital they operated and put a pin in my leg. the othopedic surgeon was a skier who had come back recently from hokkaido!

It seems a few doctors have broken bones in whistler and switzerland so it is the trendy thing to do around here.



Here is a gruesome look at my scars when they cleaned my dressings.



Here is me trying to put a brave face on it all.


I am now at home and get the stitches out on friday.

I dont know how long i will be out of operation.


I will try and get some pics of my xrays. they are pretty cool.


thanks for all the best wishes..



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