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  1. Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps Do I say congratulations? Not sure what it is but - congratulations, have fun etc. Do people have barbies? I speared a koala and a roo this morning and they are being char grilled on our BBQ. We love our wildlife down here.
  2. I have seen it on TV and it probably is a lot better watching it live. The problem I have watching on TV is that I can never see the puck. I still reckon they are soft
  3. What a bunch of fairies. How about taking your helmets and all that padding off, and then give it a go.
  4. Originally Posted By: tripler Originally Posted By: Mamabear Quite a fall if he should slip there! Great shot, MB. The whole roof must have taken a while. The bloke walking down the slope with skis over shoulder is in for a rude shock
  5. Originally Posted By: Sarge1 Giraffe, paper Thats for days inbounds. For BC camping well: chef, any chef will do, but he needs to be able to do cheese cake. 2 kegs of coopers 5 burner gas BBQ, a large amount of seafood, king prawns, oysters, calamari, some ginger rice for roughage. 4 man bibler tent, 75mm thermorest mats big chemical toilet, hate the poo tube sat phone HF radio UHF radio military GPS hot shower backhoe for building one kickarse igloo, kitchen area 1 zero gravity lifing disk for carrying gear bindings, titanium bomber bishops boots, mine are fine ta, garmont,
  6. Originally Posted By: JA Aren't they all? Else how does the rain and snow get into the gutters and thence into the tanks? If you have a look around any snow resort there are mostly never any gutters. Why? They would get ripped off by the weight of all that snow sliding off the roof.
  7. Welcome to Japan fare for 26000yen return, not confusing it to the one world fare for 10000yen for one sector
  8. It does feel a little bulky but I feel assured I cannot break this one.
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