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After the first noboarder in Japan, IanBC left for the mountains of Canada, there has been a void in the noboard scene in Japan.


But no longer.


On the Happo's opening day, Kumapix and i somehow got a noboard (which is a snowboard WITHOUT bindings, just a big stomp pad and bungee cord) onto the gondi and even up the top lift!


Happos opening day saw A LOT of fresh pow, and many of the guys were off poaching lines on skyline. After trying some unsuccessful runs on the chopped up and moguled runs (at which point i was cursing myself for forgetting to zip in my powderskirt) i almost chuckd the damn thing.


As it has no bindings, and only a bungee cors attached to the front and rear inserts, it is very difficult to hold and edge on packed snow.


Turning is a much more delicate thing, using only heel and toe pressure instead of 'lifting up' with your feet.


But when we took it to a medium slope with untracked pow, thats when we saw why it is catching on and developing a cult following in Canada.


That thing SLAYS pow, but without the rstrictions of baby wheels (i mean bindings) it is a sensation like no other. It IS surfing on snow.


I had done it once before in Whistler about 3 years ago, on a gerry-rigged board, but became instantly addicted.



Kumapix stood up and turned on his first try!(but he has also been checking out the magazines and video footage religiously). We both had an amazing time on just that slope doing 3 or 4 turns.


It was so comfortable and easy after a bit i just dropped the bungee cord and 'no-roped' it, just surfing. It really is not that hard if you have been snowboarding for a while.


we came back to it later to show AK and some japanese kids what was up, and everyone had a great time on it (as well as some good falls).


Hopefully we might have some pics or footy to put up here later, and document the growth of this sport this season.

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Don't think I want to take bindings into the bc anymore \:\)


Getting up after falling is sooooo easy! No more flopping around trying to push yourself up in deep snow. With the noboard you just stand up, stand on the board and go.


I didn't get up to no-roping it but I can't tell you how stoked I was to connect turns. SO incredible!

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I made half a turn on my first go and fell on my arse! Mind you that was line with the rest of my day... getting up the hill at 1pm, forgeting to bring my goggles. Good effort!


It is fun - in a pure and simple way like sledging when you were a kid, and also pretty hard so to see Kuma and Oyuki linking turns was pretty impressive!


I'll put some pics and the vid up later...

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The problem though in the BC kuma is getting out or loosing the board. The guys No boarding in BC are using sleds and dont have the traverses we have. Pick and choose carefully cause I dont want to be taking 2 hours to get out of mume in the sun.


AK bad form all the way around over the weekend, missed trains, no goggles, grabing the snowboard that didnt even fit your GFs boots and to top it off,,,,, an old Jacket! AK I was loud, and I was proud.

AK remember where I work and you work, you dont have to take the train if you remember how close our schools are.


Once again FT was the first to pass out at a party... No Hannah was, thank the lord that party girl passed out. Yanik mate if you read this play safe out there and have a great year. Tell Simon that we say hello too, we will miss you and your cooking.

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killer. definitely post some vids when you get a sec, as I am rather keen to check it out. i had been wondering if anyone had been having a bash at binding-less snowboarding. I had started to see a few of the snowskate jobbies at Mt Buller during the season just finished and they were pretty cool.



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