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  1. yeah, i brought my laptop with, and it has been unreal. news, facebook, SJ & somewhere to dump all of my photos!
  2. indeed. we have been waiting out the most recent storm, but i think we are just going to have to go and get into it.
  3. Originally Posted By: neversummer The 7/11's in Kutchan also have ATM's that accept foreign cards. Where were you the other night projectsplat? We did end up at Bills, but I remembered that I had no idea what you looked like, and no idea what your name was. I also wasnt drunk enough to stand up on the bar and yell, "so is there a bloke here who goes on the snow japan forums under the name of neversummer?" Sorry about that. I was spent the evening standing just to the left of the entrance to the main bar. I probably saw you, you probably saw me. Neither had any idea. Actually
  4. Originally Posted By: Mamabear ahhh... so that is why my friend couldn't get any money out try as she might!!! I get it! (bit slow on the uptake some times!!) I better get myself off to the Currency Exchange and be packing some serious cash then! good idea. we ran out of yen early as we had to buy all of the stuff that was in the missing bag, so the ATM at the post office in Kutchan was a life saver. we went to the post office that is closer to Kutchan station, and that had the option to switch to english menu's. we havent tried the other one yet.
  5. Cheers bloke. Fitting with this thread, Mt Yotei is somewhere in the back of that shot..... somewhere.....
  6. Hi NeverSummer, Yeah, we will be heading down to Bill's a little later (around 7.30/8ish) might catch you down there. i will be the idiot with red & white sunnies on his head at night..... Cheers Alister
  7. Cheers NeverSummer. We hit up Best Denki yesterday, with no luck. We found the adaptors, but all of the aussie ones were gone. I did spot the power lead option, but decided against it in the hope of buying a proper adaptor - then proceeded to butcher my laptop cable last night just so I could get the book working. Beers at bills could be good.I will give you a shout later in the day once we have gotten some snow. Hey Mamabear, I think i did spot one of those adaptors in Best Denki yesterday, but I pulled it all apart and could not find a way to get an aussie plug i
  8. hey when the circumstances call for it, you gotta do what you gotta do. on topic: an ipod. because I get bored easily.
  9. cheers everyone. thanks for the tips. sorry about the bad placement of the post. (will chuck it into off-topic next time - too many suntory....) i will try chatting with reception. we have been having fun practising our japanese with the staff at our hotel. this will be a worthy challenge. i keep getting told I haven't posted enough on SJ to be able to PM people, so I may be stuck there. I will give the other options a crack before hassling Mike and co. (although I suspect I will be hassling the aforementioned to see if they are up for a beer later in the week ) cheers,
  10. ok, first up, we are numb nuts. we should have bought one back in australia, and we didn't <slap> the plan was to pick one up at the airport, but our connections were so tight that we did not get a chance - and so now we are without power. so far, we have checked with the SeicoMart (no luck) then down to Kutchan to check the Co-op, Besto Denki, Home Mac?, Max Value and the cosmetics store next to that, all with no luck. my best bet so far has been to buy a screw-together-plug from Home Mac and butcher the cable for my laptop so that I can at least get some power to the lap
  11. here is a pic taken earlier today. according to the guage at the top of the lift, it was -10, and it was seriously dumping.
  12. technically yes, but it is nothing to write home about. this is probably the lightest snow I have seen since we have been here. it has been properly puking all afternoon though. we did a mission into kutchan earlier this afternoon, and when we got off the bus we had to pull our hoods over our faces to protect from the snow, it was dumping that hard. sorry, i tried to stick my head out the window and take a photo, but there is flyscreen over the window. hang on, will upload some pics from eariler today in a few minutes
  13. it has been snowing constantly since we got here. varies from light snow to absolutely puking down. the snow here is awesome. trying to get out for first tracks tomorrow.
  14. well, we went through the gauntlet a few hours ago. we scored by getting a free upgrade to business for the Bris->Tokyo leg, so it meant we were close to first out of the plane. we also then power walked all the way to the shuttle between the terminals, so we were first in. walked in, fingers down, click, smile here please, click and we were on our way. as we headed down the escalators, I looked back to see a mass of about 200 people settling into the lines.... phew. thing i learnt: get off the plane quickly, walk quickly, and you will avoid the queue. other thing I learn
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