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  1. Have you ever had such a bad end to the ski season before this year Go Native?
  2. It looks like it is snowing heavily in Niseko... Tell me i'm right.
  3. Is it snowing in Niseko yet? Snowforecast.com is predicting 23cm's tonight in Niseko and given that it seems to underestimate what will fall i'm hoping for a good dump...
  4. Having a look at the forecasts it appears as if there might be almost no rain at all. Hopefully just a lot of snow...
  5. 20cm's is great but will we need a substantial dump to open the summit and bowls or does that just take time and it will gradually happen?
  6. Has anybody seen a long range forecast that suggest when the first big dump might actually hit Niseko... I'm sick of 20cm's every day.
  7. What is Hakuba's annual snowfall? I'm sure I read somewhere that it was 300cm's but it clearly isn't.
  8. How much snow did Niseko get overnight? The Now report says 10cm's but the Hanazono Video report says 30 up top and 20cm's down the bottom...
  9. I'm sure this question has been asked hundreds of times so I apologize for being repetitive but are there any ATM's in Niseko?
  10. Was there much overnight snow in Niseko? The Now report hasn't been updated and the suspense is killing me
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