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 Originally Posted By: Creek Boy
 Originally Posted By: spook
if wee're talking gloves, what about these bad boys?


the battle beast by grenade?!

Who stole Ewoks gloves?? mad.gif lol.gif

grenade reckon they are made from wookie fur. so, right movie, wong species CB!
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 Originally Posted By: thursday
"unreal for a compact, as good as an SLR"

so which crappy SLR are you comparing with?

My Father plus a couple of friends of mine that are in to photography got NEW SLR's, Wasn't expecting it to be as good, but actually pic quality is the same. If you compare any average SLR with the compact I got the actual pic quality is no different. Of course if you buy a really expensive top of the range camera then yes I'm sure it must be better.

I am not here to argue which cam is better or worse, I couldn't give a shit basically, I simply came on here to tell people that the cam I got is very good for a compact and for the money and that it compares in pic quality to an SLR, I will upload some pics later when I figure out how to get them up. Some from an SLR and some from my compact and then you can tell me the difference.
I was going to buy an SLR, because I like photography a lot actually, but as I travel a lot I thought it a bit bulky to carry around so I went for the compact after trying every single camera in the shops both SLR'S and compacts, before choosing what I got now. And I am glad that I did.
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 Originally Posted By: soubriquet
If you suffer from cold hands Betty, mitts are warmer than gloves.

and wear some thin inner gloves underneath. you can get a pair from outdoor stores for about $10. they seem to make a huge difference for me

why do you like 32 so much oyuki? i've been thinking about them, but i've heard they're quite chunky. i use flow bindings, so i'm not 100% sure they'll fit.
i'd like to also get some new bindings, but that's not really an option at the moment
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ThirtyTwo's are cool. They're chunky but somehow really light. They don't last as long as other boots, but they fit really well with the heatmolding.


I'd suggest to steer clear of the new Ultralights though. Even some of the ThirtyTwo guys say they get softer faster than the Lashed with the molded EVA foam shell.

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Having to buy all new stuff as I never thought I'd be back when I left Nagano 2 yrs ago and gave my entire setup to a buddy.


Bought last seasons Burton Custom online for 2 man (that new model X looks sweet kuma) \:D

Looking to buy:


Flow NXT AT Bindings

Whatever boots feel the best (I've like burtons in the past)

Bonfire snow gear as its dead sexy

I want to buy some sweet oakleys (the US site has a huuuge selection but for some reason the Japan site only sell sunglasses >.<)


On the subject of shopping Across opened a new snowboard shop near my house (minami matsumoto). Its absolutely massive with the largest selection I've seen in just about any shop ever (including those in jimbotcho) All snowboard no ski junk ;\) except a bizarre collection of oakley golf bags...


Not much of next seasons stuff in yet but they got ALL the new Burton gear and the beautiful catalogue in abundant supply (you photo types will love some of the shots in that!) Old stuff is going cheap so go check it out! Nice staff too!

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