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I got the pics, thanks.


Yah, I don't mind that I missed some steap turns. Sometimes it is fun to just throw on the superfats and cruiese the bottomless as Tsonda and I did in Kagura. We had a good hike on Sun to a new "secret stash" and had some good face shot turns. I can't complain, that is for sure. Regardless, I am up in Crackuba this weekend, even if the snow sucks.

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I am glad that you came up Stunt, I always wanted to try and hike that ridge but no one brave enough volunteered up to now. \:\)

I am sure happy as hell that I didn't do that with one of the J-guys. ;\)

Last weekend taught me that people can be really narrow visioned sometimes.

I went back looking again at the topo maps today, 1-2 more good dumps and there will be unlimited options from that point.


PS: thanks for being patient with me, snowboarders can be slow sometimes. blush.gif

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It is a nice area with some open faces at the top and nicely spaced trees. Nothing steep though, Kashmir gave me back 29 deg for the steepest part averagely 22~25 deg. There is potential access to 35~38 deg slopes from that point but we need to do some more exploring.


The strangest thing was that we hiked it on Sunday afternoon,on a day that more than 100 people hiked up, and still got first tracks! \:o


PS: What made you to want to call me phantom. \:\)

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