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Sick kuma, Im taking a break from the forums for a few monthes. Will sign in after i comeback from Canada maybe. I cant be bothered to pm mates so just email my keitai if you want me.


Thanks for a sick weekend I will score some type of boat for the future. Try to snag a cheap bike even just to fart around with.

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Kuma, you can borrow my mtb some time if you want to hit Hakuba again... if I'm not on it, obviously, although would rather go for a ride with ya!

and this is my flickr page - I haven't put much on it yet, in fact there's almost more of your photos - only c & p from SJ but all clearly photo-g credited!




There are the self timer / bult in flash skate shots though. I'm going to buy a scanner tomorrow - only flatbed for already developed shots and slide strips good enough for web / flicr.

Prob either Canon 8400f or 600f.


FT - looking at computer screens talking to invisible people is rubbish anyway - especially compared to whats on your doorstep in Hakuba, have a good time in Canada!

Did you get that DH mtb fixed up yet?


Dizzely - wassup! long time... no ski. How's Tokyo life? Hot and sweaty enough yet? Thanks for putting up the pics recently - a refreshing cool breeze of winter as summer begins.

ps. any plans to get some steezin new gear or going to continue incurring the style wrath of Kuma and FT! ha ha.


I want a freddie mercury style striped lycra jump-suit. open chested with a ruff! ha ha.

Obviously we should all spend the beautiful summer months inside on the pc talking about what we plan to wear next year... ;\)

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my photos have been pillaged! \:o


Hey, I just finished getting Sugi's photo's together. and I did Nick's last week. So next is your turn I guess :p


Post more of your skate shots in this thread since we are all...


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ahh, got it.

had to chop the last bit of the URL off so it ended with .jpg


This is a solo night time self-timer skate shot.

Shutter at 1/80th, flash turned down, F 3.something, 1 second self timer, pro counting skills - ten, one thousand, nine, one thousand, eight, one thousand, seven, ....


More importantly, yes those are rare Nike Dunk SBs and white jeans. I know, I know, I'm so cool.

Just kidding.


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 Originally Posted By: thursday
you NEED the SB800 badly.

maybe... I'm working on it.

You try taking a self-timer action shot, let alone skate shot, then tell me what I need! lol.gif
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No, he'd be too upset about my repeted use of the phrase 'spag bol' to refer to spaghetti bolognese.


Plus he actually only shoots with a disposable camera - all this nikon digital stuff is just a fantasy double life on the internet.


Self-timed was point - an artistic/phsyical/temporal challenge - doing something unlikely can be fun.

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