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anyone, anyone ?


I like The Shining and Silence of the Lambs

for Horror/Suspense.


The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,

and the Empire Strikes Back for



Enemy at the Gates & Saving Private Ryan

are good war movies.


Happy Gilmore and Monty Python Search for the

Holy Grail made me laugh the loudest and



anyone else ?

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Silence of the Lambs yeah. Hannibal was better than the publicity it got I thought.


Shawshank Redemption for the kando-feelings.


Most movies that Gene Hackman is in. Godfather.


Some Monty Python for laughs.


TV - Xfiles

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Crikey - more poeple on here than in winter. What's up?!


Movies - oh so many to talk of.


- Planet of the Apes (originals).


- Se7en


- Field of Dreams


- Halloween for spooks.


- Eddie Murphy stuff for laughs (or not, depending on the movie).

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The Shining is a great creepy film - in fact, besides Eraserhead (if that counts), it's the only good horror movie. I quite enjoyed American Psycho too.


Cube was the best sci-fi I've seen for a long time.


A good war film is Come And See, an epic Russian piece that had ultra-realism down more than 10 years earlier than Private Ryan.


The best comedy I've seen in a long time is Hear My Song.


Has anybody seen the ultra-cheesy Watashi wo Sukii ni Tsuretete? That film was credited with helping to keep the Japanese ski resorts crowded in the 80s. I'd love to see a modern snowboarding remake.

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You liked Cube, Ocean11? Is that the one where there's these people stuck in claustrophobic rooms and corridors? I must have been in the wrong "mood" when I saw that.


Shawshank is a great movie. I liked Green Mile too, directed by the same bloke.


Fun action movies - a Bond movie is always good good for a laugh, especially when there were crazy baddies wanting to rule the world. (The new one is out in November I hear, called Die Another Day).


Not really into Python myself. American Pie made me laugh, perhaps embarrasingly.

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They say Attack of the Clones is the deal.


I don't believe "them".


SPINAL TAP is the movie to watch AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN (and AGAIN)

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Bridget Jones Diary for the girly laughs and laughs and laughs. Cool Running was fun for the winter mood. Vanilla Sky was pretty good last year. Sixth Sense - not bad but a bit overated. One flew over the cuckoos nest, a wonderful life and 12 angry men were classics.

A favourite movie? That's got to be a more difficult question than What's the meaning of life?


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Vertigo, Touch of Evil, 2001, Godfather I+II, Chinatown, Do the Right Thing. Kurosawa's Ikiru is probably my fave.


I also like good documentaries like Hoop Dreams and the Theremin film, but it's hard to get to see them. Same goes for short films.


Best comedy - Big Lebowski!

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Apocalypse Now, Goodfellas, Baraka, one flew over the cuckoos nest, life of Brian, 2001 space odyssey, The sting, pi, Fight Club, memento, Evil dead II, The Shining, Spartacus, really bad things, Naked gun, Dumb and Dumber


Theres more but I'm done racking my brains!

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Good Comedy - Austin Powers I & II & Water boy & Brigitte Jone's diary & Miss Congeniality


Good action movie - Romeo must die & Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


Animation - Shrek & South Park(Is it comedy!?)


touch'n heart movie - Hurricane (maybe in Japanese title...) & American beauty

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Little Dancer was good. Some good British music too (T-Rex, The Jam).


She's Having a Baby


The Duellists - crazy 18th century period piece about some duel-obsessed officer pestering another officer to fight senseless duels. Ridley Scott flick.


The Missouri Breaks - Jack Nicholson kills Marlon Brando with the words "Y'know what hwoke ya up? Ah jus cut yer throat."

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Planet of the Apes original movie was a classic, but the new remake sucked big time.

My lady loves American Beauty, so I've seen that quite a number of times too.

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xxx - Hey thanx for greating.( My life was in chaos for a while.)


I think American beauty was really good, even I am female(!!)


Maybe American Beauty isn't at all kind to women ('coz my housemate hates it. She thought it's discussing story) but I interested in the concept of the movie, e.g., "relationship" within family, How come men/women get fancy about other lady/man even they already have partner etc.

well, anyway, I like it.




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