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  1. Saw SHAFT last night (the one from last year). It was rubbish.
  2. A mate of mine over in the UK has a Dirtsufer - he works for a culture magazine and they got sent one for free.... says it's really good.
  3. Hear any more on this danz? I got done for driving a couple of years back and just had to go down the local police and pay them about 12000 yen.
  4. Crikey - more poeple on here than in winter. What's up?! Movies - oh so many to talk of. - Planet of the Apes (originals). - Se7en - Field of Dreams - Halloween for spooks. - Eddie Murphy stuff for laughs (or not, depending on the movie).
  5. It's good value if you like GALA, must admit. Problem is, you have to want to be at GALA!
  6. I will be going to Zao this weekend - first time for me so really looking forward to it.
  7. Watching the olympics, was wondering what the resorts are like over there in Salt Lake, any good? The snow looks good, and lots of clear days out there it seems. Anyone had the pleasure?
  8. Someone on the chatroom the other day said that you were an "attractive lady" (hence, "saucy")! Good meaning!
  9. You didn't know Nat was a girl?!?! Joking hey? No, she is a girl and quite a saucy one at that I have heard!!
  10. Japanese beer? ---Ebisu and a local one here in Chiba. NonJapanese beer? ---A Guiness to start off with then some good English quality bitter.
  11. Yeah in Japan for 3 and a half years now, in Chiba. (Dont mock, great place!) Good to hear from so many other like minded people on here.
  12. Skier most of the time. Bit of telemarking - many other telemarkers out there?
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