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  1. That program, with the same two guys, is still on every morning Mon-Fri.
  2. 4 days in Shiga Kogen, in January. Next year I will do much more after buying equipment.
  3. Thought it was great, easily the biggest I have been on. Tower Hacker was pretty scary too. Have a good time!
  4. I will be taking my camera this time. Not that I'll be able to take ones as good as these of course!
  5. I know someone with 6. "but doctors were surprised by the eighth"
  6. I do too, they only moved there 2 months ago. Looks like a lot of chaos, 4 million without electricity.
  7. I was just looking at some software and noticed that "Academic Packs" are often so much cheaper. But I was wondering what stops anyone just buying that version from amazon or somewhere and installing it on their computer?
  8. I will be going back to my family home in late August for 14 days. I am used to hot so it is not a problem for me.
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