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  1. I like seeing tons of snow everywhere. Furano just doesn't deliver on that.
  2. Sadly there are lots of idiots out there who purposefully ignore warnings and are just not aware of dangers. Shrug them off. Bit of youth in there, but also a lot of numbskull-ness as well.
  3. I think Mt Granview is a fine name. And as someone else said, as much of a fab marvellous idea as it is, Mt Granview isn't for sale.
  4. Some talk of cancellations coming from China re: current tiff over those islands. Got to wonder how far this will go. Good for those of us who want less on the slopes I suppose.
  5. Going to depend on them and what they are looking for of course but I'd give them more variation and a bit of Sapporo as well.
  6. I bet Ishihara is pleased with the shitstorm he seems to have started
  7. Certainly sounds interesting ippy! The missing thing isn't "breasts" is it?
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