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  1. You sure about that? It seems odd that none of the media has jumped on that. None that I can see anyway.
  2. I really like that new graphic you put up there. But what does the Japanese character mean?
  3. Do you generally feel tired and chilled out after an onsen, or up for it and recharged?
  4. Cheers everyone all very interesting. No rush on plans, just think it all through and find our answer.
  5. Why would we want to avoid english? It's not avoid English at all costs, more.... Would prefer to be in a Japanese environment. Why? I'm not sure how to answer that other than... Because that is what we want to do. Fine if you don't! And got nothing to do with what other people might think. I go on my holidays for me, not someone else.
  6. We're planning on hitting somewhere right in the middle of the season or perhaps just a bit outside of that period.
  7. Yeah I know who cares? But I was discussing this with a few friends of mine who plan to join me on a first visit to Japan. I think we are all the type of people who actually enjoy having a bit of a challenge with a destination, rather than plopping down in an English-speaking environment. It just seems more fun doing things that way, especially with a country so different from our own as Japan. Going to enjoy skiing as a big part of the trip of course, but it's not JUST about that.
  8. I hope to get to Japan next winter. Only really just found out about it actually.
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