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  1. I saw one the other night surely a TV movie called Take Shelter. Well that was the katakana name for it anyway can't recall if the English was different. It was... odd.
  2. Yes pressure on muikabochi! I like seeing your reports from places and seeing the places. I actually prefer them to seeing skiers/boarders who could be at any of hundreds of places. Keep them coming!
  3. Back to the canned coffee. I actually quite liked that "healthia" (?) one. Odd but true. I like the normal cold bitter drink too.
  4. Don't be rushed into anything by people telling you 'Book now'. Especially if they use capitals and multiple exclamation marks.
  5. My ipad is taking a long time. iPad 2 it is.
  6. Hardly 'budget', that budget iphone is it.
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