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  1. Probably managed about 30 half or full days. Not the kind who wants to get out EVERY day so that's good for me.
  2. I beg to differ Base yourself in Otaru for a wide selection of hotels & dining, and loads of shopping. Even has a cinema. And Sapporo is only 30 mins or so on the train. In February Otaru has the Snow Light Festival and Sapporo has the Snow Festival. Teine, Sapporo Kokusai and Kiroro are all within 45 mins of Otaru. Either take public transportation (bus to Kokusai and Kiroro, train to Teine) or rent a car. Personally I wouldn't recommend that. It's a compromise, unless you like the hassle of hour long transport to your skijo there and back each day. Sounds like yo
  3. I'm going over for a few weeks next month to help out a friend running a place.I I'm sure I'll enjoy it but after being spoilt with Niseko.....
  4. There have been way too many clear and fine days in Niseko for most peoples liking this season!
  5. There is so much more competition now up there that I would imagine you will see prices of some things like accommodation come down. Other daily things like food and beer in my experience same or maybe more expensive.
  6. I really look forward to a beer after an onsen. An onsen full of pissed up people drinking does not sound like somewhere I would like to be.
  7. I love it when Japanese use ザ Here's how to have some fun. Ask people what does "ザ" mean. Answers are funny.
  8. They do look nice. 2 nama choco cakes please.
  9. Trend one: A few Japanese spotted on the slopes @ Niseko this season. Trend two: Pancakes!
  10. Congratulations me jane. Have some pancakes!
  11. What I want to know is: If it has absolutely no meaning whatsoever - why do they do it?
  12. I saw a vid about that new Wii thing. Are most people going to want to be moving around with a controller like seems to be the main thing about this thing. Looks like a big gimmick to me that will quickly get old.
  13. My g/f went on one once after we had a bit fight, over not much as most fights are. A good night out coaxed her out of it.
  14. It is an interesting read but lots of the comments need to be taken with a large pinch of salt. There are so many strong opinions on the subject.
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