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  1. He looks like the old Cannondale headshok mascot character, "Brad"
  2. Originally Posted By: Mantas Mitch, just how easy is it to buy a gun in the US. I've heard stories about some states where the average punter, without a criminal record, can walk into a gun shop walk out 10 minutes later with a gun. Is that true? I kind-of think that is an urban legend, or Hollywood. I come from a State with a 10-day waiting period. Considering that this waiting period is partly for Law Enforcement to run a background check on you with their own records and with the Federal Government, I can't imagine the "wheels of government" working 10-minutes fast, especially across
  3. I agree, adding that the more inaka you get, even with older folk it decreases.
  4. Time flies when you're having beer?
  5. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Are they slow to start up? They actually start faster than old incandescent (filament) bulbs! No slow start like a compact flourescent.
  6. I guess one could do their own first-hand (no pun intended) research by noting the presence or absence of foreskin at the local public bath or onsen - all the while trying to not come off as some kind of pervert.
  7. Not really morning anymore, but it's hazy and warm.
  8. Originally Posted By: iiyamadude I really must not hoard things from now on. Hoarding's fine. Now forgetting - that's another story!
  9. Not again! I wonder why they target your house? Is it unusually dark compared to the neighbors?
  10. If you want to expereince modern, metropolitan Japan, go to Tokyo. If you want to to see a boatload of temples and shrines and experience a more traditional Japan, go to Kyoto. It's not like you can't find temples in Tokyo or the urban crush in Kyoto - there is a certain amount of overlap, and from either locale, you can easily day-trip to find the contrast - like heading into Osaka from Kyoto, or heading to Kamakura or Nikko from Tokyo. Access to the snow areas may be easier from Tokyo, but I'll let the Kansai people chime in on ease of access from Kyoto. It really depends on whe
  11. Last thing we need is people staring at the noses of their boards instead of looking where they're going! ...besides, when the powder is over knee-deep, you won't be able to see the thing anyway.
  12. Rainy and unseasonably cold this morning in Sapporo, but it's flurrying at Kokusai and Kiroro as I write this! It snowed yesterday too, but only enough to cover the ugly, dirty snow from about midway on up - didn't actually make it nice to ride on.
  13. Mine was the last one that Backcounty/Dogfunk had in stock. SantaCruz, althought height is supposedly not the primary consideration in sizing a board and weight is, I thought I'd mention it here specifically because rider height is related to stance width. In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend the 156 Hovercraft to someone below 5'-6" regardless of weight, unless they really enjoy popping their groin muscles. I guess if you're short and have a freakinshly long inseam, you might be OK with the innermost stance width.
  14. Originally Posted By: xxx Heineken too. Why do airlines insist on them? Try getting your hands on the brown-bottled Heineken Pilsener. It is vastly different from the green-bottled export Lager. Someone I know brings me back a case of 24 from the NATO PX at a certain air base in Germany whenever he heads over that way.
  15. Santa Cruz, the Hovercraft is ace! I'm like 5'-8"/180lb/9.5 US shoe and the 156cm "one size" board was a little large for me. The stance width was definitely set-up for someone more your height, since at the innermost holes, I'm still in total "ninja" stance. Floatation in bottomless powder was exceptional even with the length, as this is a mid-wide with lots of surface area. All kitted out, I'm easily in the 200lb. range. Don't let the wholly directional shape freak you out though, since it has minimal 3-point MagneTraction so it holds turns on hardpack fine, and there is a little ki
  16. I can imagine you crossing the street to pass the house then crossing back again after passing it! When I was a kid growing up on Maui, we had these olive trees in the sideyard that would make howling noises on windy nights and cast spooky shadows on the drapes from the moonlight. When we moved, I couldn't sleep because there were no tree sounds or shadows. Not really sure why the trees didn't trigger the fear response in me.
  17. Clowns The creepy doll from "Trilogy of Terror"
  18. It probably will dry up a bit. I'd worry more about bad taste/smells getting into the soup, but bacteria are definitely a concern, especially if there are like raw vegetables in the 'fridge. Soup is essentially petri-dish growth media waiting to be colonized!
  19. Originally Posted By: Mantas Mexico (because they think your a gringo) You are a Gringo! It doesn't matter what your country of origin is: If you're White, you're a Gringo as far as they're concerned. Friendly: Canada (BC) Not so much: Canada (Alberta) Japan is really har to peg. I've been to places where the obvious gaijin is treated like a prince and the local Japanese are treated coldly, and other places where just the opposite happens.
  20. That is true. I really think though that if places actually prepared the bacon properly, regardless of the initial quality of said bacon, it would not turn out like rubbery boiled fat strips. I've had bacon pan fried, deep fried, and baked, and you really can't go wrong with bacon - unless you boil it/steam it/whatever it is that they do with it in Japan!
  21. Rainy and warmish in Sapporo, but snowing at Kokusai and Teine... Probably not enough to cover the icy hardness from a week of very warm weather though. Might be nice tomorrow if it keeps coming down all day.
  22. Lots of trails in/near metropolitan Sapporo (Moiwa-yama, Sankaku-yama, Maru-yama) or if you are feeling like an all-day excursion, you can head to Teine and hike to the top of Teine-yama.
  23. I guess on the bright side, there are fewer cancer-causing free-radicals since the bacon isn't all brown and crispy.
  24. Teine tip: At Teine Highland, most of the lockers on the first floor near the changing rooms are large and cost 400-yen. If you don't really need a big locker, there are some smaller 200-yen ones on the third floor opposite the info desk, sort of toward the balcony that overlooks the entry atrium.
  25. I recall something about panda feces not smelling bad...
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