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  1. Thats why I made the futon couch. I have all my time spent in my main living room. I built a wood frame that keeps the futon off the floor by about an inch or 2. During the day the frame pivots in the middle to fold it up as a couch. At night just drop it and sleep. Was a cheap project using the cheapest wood from Watahan. I did like using the bed last year because it was warmer on the bed then the floor in the winter. But I will be moving out of my house and relocating to a lunch box sized hachi-jo apartment. If anyone wants to see pic's of the bed just email me. I will let it go
  2. I have moved back onto a futon due to ease and the possiblity of moving apartments soon. What does everyone else prefer. I built a frame that converts my futon bed into a couch that seat 3 easily so I dont use the bed anymore. A bit more convient even though I have a large house. If anyone is looking for a twin bed with frame shoot me an email Frank midnightcharger2@hotmail.com
  3. Sounds harmless. As an American I have said it frequently. If the caster was admiring the beauty of the tree, it is one of the things that makes that person proud of the beauty of their country. From my standpoint, when there is "something out of whack" with different cultures, Its common to think or say "man im so happy im ____________" As my wife was Japanese she learned alot living in the U.S. but she got to see Japan from "outside the box" Some things she was willing to change in her lifestyles but other things she would not. To her it made no sense because she was fr
  4. Just kill that hour and a half at Mc D's over breakfast and a cup of coffee. With the morning rush there is lots of eye candy to talk about with your mates. Makes time fly by fast. 3000 yen is expensive compared to a free bus service depsite the wait. That equals to almost the price of a ticket or a couple of beers after the days end..
  5. felt it out here in Nagano city, A small tremor and lasted only 10 seconds
  6. Actually its kinda nice. I live in a house in Nagano with 5 other houses clustered around it, and one neighbor and her baby always says either ohayo or hello when we pass. I dont know their names, but thats the extent of me wanting to know them. My other neighbor, besides the time we gave our welcoming gift to them when we moved in, have not spoken once afterwards. I always get a smug reaction when I see here, but that could be because, the numberous girls i bring over + my bedroom being adjacent to their houses bedroom + paper thin walls = the possiblity they dont like me. Oh well...
  7. In this country you need to walk around with a perpetual invisible raincoat. Just have to learn to let some things roll off your back. Those that are ingnorant will normally always live in ingnorance and racism is a known fact in any country. If that person reading that rat mag in the store while im getting a pack of ciggys or food wants to belive that all foreigners in this country are evil while so be it. Many live that life anywhere in the world without even needing a magazine to help them decide. It doesnt affect the hand over fist of friends I have that are glad to be a
  8. "Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has pledged to bring in policies that will tackle the falling birth rate." OOOHHH, Im just waiting to see what this policy looks like. I would have no problem helping fix Japans falling birth rate. but on a serious note, it is important that the population is at a balance, but stating that women are "birth giving machines" just continues to make concrete evidence on telling women in Japan what their only purpose in live and Japan's society is. I believe that Japan is a bit more modernized and women are starting to see that they are as much as an importan
  9. Which xbox do you have the xbox 1 or the xbox 360. I sold off all my xbox 1 gear / mod equip. The guy lives close so I may be able to borrow the equipment again. Also if its an xbox (orginal) where did it come from, USA, EUROPE, or JAPAN. I can get you a better idea if I can still do it. Heres my number if you want to call some time. 080-5143-4932. I will also be up at hakuba 47 tommorow. FRANK
  10. There is a bootloader on most bittorrent sites that will allow you to play games from a memory stick (reccomended is 1gb or higher). A 512mb is about the lowest to play most games. Benefit is that games you find on the internet are able to play off the memory stick and and you dont have to use discs anymore. Other benefit is that you save more battery power which equals longer play. The larger memorystick the more games you can save and play off at one time. Great for travel and dont need to carry "x" amount of discs with you. I do game console mods and follow the scene very closely. If
  11. The post is the only one with tight restrictions. UPS and Fedex will ship over 150. I had my 164 board from the states shipped over no problem. A bit more but it covered the duties taxes also. FRANK
  12. the new transformers movie looks like it may be a big hit or a big miss (CGI style). cant wait to watch it.
  13. had my stick factory set at 90 degrees and was catching edges like crazy, re-tuned it with 89 on the base and .5 on the sides. I reccomended to myself to start with that since its easier to go to 88 and 1 if necessary without taking off excess material then to have too loose a board and having to reset to 90 or the 89/.5 setting. Made a world of a difference. Still got bite on ice and pack and no catching on the box rails (even though im a complete noob to the park) Picked up the SKS-3000 tuner that retails for over 100usd at only 5000 yen. Has multiple settings for bevel and the blade s
  14. The ski resorts will definitely have some shop of some kind either in the counter area or around the ski-jo. You can find a lock there
  15. Its not a matter of if it will happen but when will it happen. Near related subject... I had near encouters with cars almost running into me at an average of about 1-2 times a month. I always had a feeling that one day I would get hit by a car in this country. Just a gut feeling, but on a day I wasn't expecting to get in trouble, BAAAMMM got sent over the handlebars because a driver decided of all times to start driving when I was dead smack in the front of his car. I have the same gut feeling about my snowboard gear which is pricey to begin with. Even though there are many pe
  16. Sold to FT. Thanks. side note: Good riding day today at hakuba 47. looking foward to tommorow.
  17. costs a bit to ship. I had my 164 board shipped from the states and costed arount 80 USD. UPS, FEDEX or DHL is the way to go. Cheaper route is to get a dremel and some cutting wheels and cut that lock off (may not be legal but...) Then you may get to you skis and carry them on the plane
  18. I will be up in hakuba this sunday to 47 if I can catch the bus service from nagano city. I can explain all the details over the phone. Easier that way.
  19. Yeah its the new style xbox 360. There is a way to play video but the video needs to be re-encoded for the xbox 360 to read it. I finish work at 9:30 tonight so you can call anytime after that. FRANK
  20. Yeah its the new style xbox 360. There is a way to play video but the video needs to be re-encoded for the xbox 360 to read it. I finish work at 9:30 tonight so you can call anytime after that. FRANK
  21. Yeah its the new style xbox 360. There is a way to play video but the video needs to be re-encoded for the xbox 360 to read it. I finish work at 9:30 tonight so you can call anytime after that. FRANK
  22. FT you have my number still and my bank account information still. Give me a call. Would like to help you out since the last deal fell through with the regular xbox. (still sorry about that one) 080-5143-4932 frank
  23. will be up this sunday, if i don't get run over by anymore drivers on my bike this week.
  24. you understood all of it perfectly. It has a hitachi dvd drive (<----hope that answers one of your unanswered questions ) you can email me at midnightcharger2@hotmail.com if you have additional questions. Thanks FRANK
  25. no, they were redesigned. The a/v cable can be bought at yamada denki or other game stores possibly toys r us, etc. The power cable (power brick) is what MAY have to be ordered online. I didnt do any research at local stores to see if they sell replacement power supplies. More than likely it can also be ordered within Japan. Ebay has them / and a company in China sells them for about 50 USD / 5000 yen.
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