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  1. The last few years they seem to have opened that lift earlier and earlier. Hopefully they will keep doing that.
  2. We have a plan to go in a few weeks. Still developing, up hope it happens. Thanks for the reports.
  3. I bet a good chunk of them are students too. Crazy low numbers.
  4. If you are in that area, I would definitely check out Hakkaisan as well. It's not that far just to the north of Yuzawa.
  5. Friend of mine was in that stuck up there situation last season. They just had their fill on bread.
  6. Re-issue, repackage, nice tacky badge. All coming your way. Again!
  7. Originally Posted By: fukdane It has it's negatives but I prefer that to living in a society of negative, angry moaners all the time. I'll totally agree with that.
  8. Although of late, they don't seem to have been doing as many.
  9. I like that kind of thing too. Buy them for myself from omiyage shops from time to time.
  10. How big do they get now, in mainstream shops?
  11. I'll have to get some of those old photos of my dad out in his full on ski gear. Funny stuff.
  12. Zao is way too far for a day trip. Friend of mine did Hakuba but it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me that. Just too far. Perhaps I'm just getting on and the thought of strapping on skis after a long trip just doesn't appeal.
  13. I would say try and go on a weekday if possible. I know that applies to most places in terms of crowds but as this is a popular day trip from Tokyo it can get especially busy on weekends and be close to empty weekdays.
  14. Interested in this because I have one that has recently done that, but it seems to have stopped expanding now and not got worse. How has yours changed peterson? Got worse?
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