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  1. Ahh, found it!! 11th of Jan http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-daily-snow-weather-reports/Yuzawa-Now/11th-January-2014
  2. I've read all Feb and half of March (up until the 13th. I'm not putting it past my ability to miss it in the skim read of each day. I'll look more tonight.
  3. Hmmm that links not much help. I'll have to go through each day report and hope that it mentions something about that lift opening in the comments. Spend 20 minutes on it and haven't found a mention. Anyone else?
  4. I've been looking at options for some slackcountry/ easy backcountry in early Feb (7th-). Some of the reviews of the terrain accessed from the number 5 romance lift (the top lift) sounded very appealing. The in bounds sounds a little mellow but as it's the start of the trip I'm sure we'll enjoy a warm up run or three. But looking further it seems that lift (also called Kagura Pair Lift No. 5) is not actually open in early Feb. Was this the case this year? If it is the case is there anything there to appeal to a crew that likes the getting into the trees and some easy back country (on snowboar
  5. It would be great if more people discovered Madarao, we are going this year and the last bus to the resort leaves Nagano at 2pm cutting in half our last day at Ryuoo. More busses ideally a 5pm bus from Nagano to Madarao would be sensational.
  6. You're a star. It looks like we will arrive at Nagano at 11:05am on a weekday so we might be able to catch that 11:45am bus to Yudanaka and then the shuttle bus to the resort (if it runs on Fridays)? Or being Friday we might have to catch the local train to Yudanaka and then get a shuttle bus from there.. The Bus back is a bit of a pain There is 2pm bus from Nagano to Madarao (or an even later bus from Nozawa to Madarao. I wouldn't mind getting at least half a day at Ryuoo before hitting the road for Madarao.
  7. So we are going to Ryuoo, Ryuo, Shiga Kita Ryuo or even Shigakita Ryuo and it hasn't been the easiest place to do research on when they can't even settle on how to spell it's name! I know it's close to Nagano, we will catch the bullet train there. I've seen mentioned that the bus leaves for Ryuo from bus stop number 3 but no mention of times. From memory we arrive at Nagano at 11:30am. I also have no idea on the buses back. Ideally we want to get to Nozawa (Madarao actually but there is a late bus from Nozawa), so if we can get there we are sorted (unless I discover a bus straight t
  8. OK, so any tips on the logistics of getting to places like Ryuoo? I don't want to loose half a day in transport for a days skiing. Also I've no idea how to get to Charmant, it seems it's a little out of the way (which is a good and a bad thing). Lastly which of them would be the best on the weekend as that might determine the order we hit them in.
  9. Thanks Snowjunky I hope your knee is better. Yeah I'd checked out your shots and it looks so close to Myoko if there is a good bus connection it would be easier to stay in Myoko and just day commute to Madarao? Would 3 days at Madarao be too many?
  10. Hi all, Heading back again for a powder fix. Late Jan and we've got friends joining us on the 2nd week at Myoko. In that area we've done a week at each of the following: Hakuba, Shiga Kogen and Nozawa. Ideally we would like to do a day or two at a couple of the smaller joints off the beaten track to ease us into it. Say Charmant, Ryuoo, Madarao or Kijima Daira (if the top is open?). Not if there is a logical order as we'd ideally like to spend time on the slopes when the lifts are open and not in buses. So any advice on a logical order?
  11. Been to Hakkoda last year for a week. It was easily enough. It's bloody flat, especially if it snows. Snowboarders beware and bring ski poles (like all the other snowboarders to get you over the flat bits). There were some great sections but the weather and the lack of steepness are two big issues.
  12. Because it's Furano, they rope off everything. Went last year and it's great to see more snow this year. Second time at Furano and last the side trips were a blast though.
  13. Holden is simply the Aussie badge. They have been exported to the US and used as police cars: http://www.carsguide.com.au/news-and-reviews/car-news/holden_us_police_car_orders_open The 60D would be an amazing sport camera. I have a 7D and a 20D and the 20D is still a great sports camera. As I mentioned before just make sure you stick some good glass on it. If you can't afford good glass at least get a 50mm 1.8 for about $120. It is a bit of an odd focal length on that size sensor but at least you have some fast glass.
  14. Ford vs GM Ford vs Opel Ford vs Vauxhaul Ford vs Chevrolet Ford vs Holden. You get the idea. I once bought a camera body (20D 11 months old) with original receipt. 1st owner paid $2000, I paid him $1100. $900 lost in a year is not a good purchase. $900 on the top level glass Canon makes (called "L" series) is a good purchase. You can sell them years later and not loose much money. I guess if you don't take the camera out because you don't want to ruin it you've spent to much on it. Use it as a tool. Most camera bodies are engineered to around 70,000 actuations (shutter releases) t
  15. Canon vs Nikon is kinda like asking which is better Ford or Holden. For action sport try and aim for a camera that does 5 frames per second or faster. I'm not sure where that fits in the Nikon world but in the Canon world the 60D (or previous versions such as 50D, 40D, 30D or even 20D). These all do 5 fps (frames per second) or faster. They also all have cropped sensors which is good for sports photography and wildlife photography. The 7D is an awesome action camera 8 fps. The 5D isn't a good action camera, amazing portrait/wedding camera. Spend as little as you can on the camera
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