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  1. I turned it off. The forum isn't as quick but more meaningful.
  2. Originally Posted By: Kumapix Originally Posted By: thursday OK, 6.5 FPS, you need a lens quick enough to use it. shooting at 1/1000th is fine if you have enough light so your 6.5 FPS can be used. Low light, longer exposure, can't use 6.5fps. That's it simple. in low light you can use a flash Not too many flashes are able to handle 6.5 fps. you will have a weak flash or a too long recharging time unless you use, at least that is my experience.
  3. the train will be faster than flying. I know there is a hostel in Tignes and 1 in Les 2 Alpes plus probably in some other resorts. depending on the season an apartment can be real cheap.
  4. In perfect weather lens quality doesn't really matter. in less than perfect weather you will notice the difference. better buy a good lens and a cheaper body, although 'fit' sure is important. 400d or d40 is to small for my hands to make it comfortable. (that is true for most guys, that's why those models are for 'soccer moms') It seems that there are only Nikonians here? Check the D3 the first full frame from Nikon. great specs, but you will need longer lenses because there is no crop effect.
  5. 1 month after leaving Japan I got a speeding ticket. My nextdoor neighboor was pulled over by the police driving 180km/h in his Porsche on his way back from Fuji-san. He got a big fine and wasn't allowed to drive for 3 months. At least he had fun doing it.
  6. - Crispi Diablo tour boots - blizzard Big sasaki - new backpack
  7. From Paris the French resorts are by far your best option (and usually the resorts with the most snow) Take the train from Paris to Bourg St Maurice or Albertville. Go to Val Thorens and you will have enough for a week or so without being bored using the same trails over and over again. same goes for Tignes/val d'Isere and La plagne/Les Arcs. Actually if you really want to see/ski a litle more and want to avoid apres-ski Bourg St. Maurice would be a good option. Very easy access to Les Arcs and bussess to all other resorts around.
  8. I have some friends that don't like skiing/boarding but still go on skivacation. they hang around the resort during the day around 3.30pm put on their skipants and take their boards/skis walk over to the bottom of the slopes and continue straight for the apresski place and party.
  9. Very funny. I wanted to forward the remix but I think you need to see the original first.
  10. Why is this turning into a discussion on the trainstation. It is not that you can/need to see it from any given point in Kyoto. Just get off your train, walk out and don't look back. And on your way back see it as the entrance to the rest of Japan.
  11. Originally Posted By: me jane Off to Ishigaki this September on the company trip. If possible try to go diving with the Mantas. In the bay outside Club Med. That was great.
  12. The wholsale prices of Ogasaka outside Japan are ridiculous. That is the reason why you won't see them much anywhere outside Japan. I talked to the Int Sales manager at the ISPO last January and he started the conversation with an apology that the skis were high priced. (very Japanese) Then he showed me the pricelist and the distributor prices were on the same level as most competitor retail prices.
  13. I drove the 406 last year at night in feb and had some real scary moments on my summer tires especially on the way down into the valley. It had been raining that day and the road was freezing over. It took me almost 2 hours. I guess it is a real nice scenic route during daytime. You really should avoid it.
  14. it has been snowing in Scotland these last 3 days. So go now before it turns into rain!
  15. Snowblade style seems to be getting big. also on youtube there is a clip of pep fujas without poles and in the end of the clip he slides and jumps with he hands in his pockets.
  16. If I understood it correctly the freq drift of Pieps is mainly their own. It is the way the device can located more than 1 user. (Pieps give mutiple signals with small freq changes) I might have completely misunderstood the explanation (way too technical for me).
  17. Yes, this brings back good memories. Even if you can't see much of the Freeskiing the Wanaka big air is an epic event. I remember Seb and Seth making crazy jumps and the live band exploding at the bottom. And on the free day Seb doing a backflip over the skiroad to the backbowl. inspiring me to do things that landed me in the hospital, but it was great to be there. I met Harro in Chamonix in Jan 2002 and he explained that 2001 was the first time they didn't need to put extra money in the event. So that was also the last time it seems, until this year. I hope it will be a feast as ever
  18. I wanted to come back but nothing planned sofar. so I guess it will take a while.
  19. hmmm, wish I could do that, because that would imply I was back in japan. But I'm stuck in snowfree Europe.
  20. I held the new DTS Tracker model in my hands at the ISPO with 3 antennas, better software, realtime search etc. it should in stores in the coming fall. don't know if it can handle the oxyride batteries though.
  21. It has some potential, but nothing special. I think it is open to snowboarders, if i remeber correctly.
  22. Quote: Originally posted by Fattwins: never buy in the first year wait for the second batch you are absolutely right. At the ISPO this year you could try-out the Duke binding mounted on the Blizzard Kreitler model. It was funny to see how many poeple weren't able to close the binding at all and the person who were able to close it didn't close it properly. Interesting new concept but I don't know how practical it actually is.
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