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  1. hey all- I dont mean to sound lost, but whats the story with this trip? I live in the area, and all the places that you mention are a few songs on the ipod away.. (not literally but close enough)... would love to hear more..
  2. Hell All- Its been ages since I last posted on here, but Im certainly glad that its almost that time again. My question is this: I currently live in the north Tohoku area (hakoda being my home mountain) with tons f other within a short drive. However, Im taking about a 12 day holiday over new years (leaving say the 30th) and trying to hit about 3-4 major resorts around Japan in that period. I was looking for some advice on: -where i should try to be for New years, if I have a choice -best transportation option: shin or fly? - Best resorts to hit overall, kee
  3. Any of you Brits know about this site/business? http://www.skiweekends.com/index.aspx While back packing in Europe 3 months from now, before moving to Japan Ill have a 5 day break in London that coincides with one of these trips... Seems like a good deal, minus the long bus ride. I hear the 3 Valleys is amazing...
  4. $480 is quite cheap actually, considering that my home mountain (mt Baker in Washington State) is well over $700 a year ..and its not exactly HUGE ...
  5. Hey All- Ran into some planning issues that I need some advice on from those of you with experience over here. I had a trip planned to Whistler from Dec 5th to the 10th, with my flying into seattle and riding up to Whistler with a local friend. However, it seems that he has backed out now.. I have the time off, and the flight to Seattle booked, I think I want to go somewhere on my own for that time. So my question is do you have any recommendations on places that are normally pretty great in the early December season? Being from Washington State myself, I know that our resorts (and wh
  6. AS the OP, I wanted to thanks everyone for their inputs and their time. I wanted to add a few things to explain why Im 'avoiding" going more North for my first trip..(glad to see people so interested in that, figured it would be a dead post or I would get flamed).. First, like I’ve said I’m moving to Japan , so my mentality and the baggage Ill be carrying isn’t the same as if I was on holiday. Plus, in the 6 weeks before Ill backpacking through Europe with a week in Whistler starting off my holidays.. So saying that, I need something logistically easy.. I want to land, ge
  7. Since I wont be in Japan till Feb, my first snow days will have me up at Whistler Blackcomb the first week of December and maybed some overnighters to West Virgina before I fly out. Ive got a month backpacking in Europe before the Japan thing...so Ill lose that time for boarding..
  8. Thanks for the replies guys! Im sure that I will end up bringing my gear for the simple fact that I hate riding on rental gear and lame as it sounds , it bothers me when I know people can tell that Im rentals... ie if theres a serial # written with a sharpie on it... like I said, I know its lame... The biggest issue I have with not renting is the fact that Im not coming to Japan for a holiday. Im actually moving there, Im just taking the first week at least to board.... so I will be packing enough of my life with me in order to last for a few weeks before my shipment fr
  9. As Ive mentioned before, Ill be moving to Japan in the beginning of Febuary, and for my first week there Ill be headed snowboarding somewhere (Hakuba probably)... My question is about rental gear. At the moment, I'm planning on shipping my gear so it arrives to Japan about a week after I get there but it'll be in Aomori, and I cant get to it.... so I will probably need to rent. My problem might be that I'm 6'2 190lbs with a size 11 1/2 foot and I ride a Burton Custom 169...so am I going to have problems finding rental gear that fits me? If so, has anyone had any luck with flying with
  10. Oh, I was just referring to everything else current Ive read, and everyone that Ive talked to that lives there... I was just saying that even compared to US prices on resorts, its quite cheap... and I was wondering If Im missing something..
  11. I think a big mountain is what Im looking for. hell, 2 weeks before I get to Japan I'll be in Whistler/Blackcomb for a few weeks... not the best snow I dont think..but I love the sheer size
  12. Ok folks, sorry for yet another basic question but this one has been bugging me for the most of the day. As Ive said before , im moving to Japan to live and I picked Japan mostly for the ski/snowboarding. I understand the cost of living is significantly higher and Ive seen clear proof of that. However, Im online doing research on where to go for my first week boarding in Feb, and Im seeing a ton of hotels that are nearly ski in/ out for around $50 a night... Now Im by no means rich, but Im headed to whistler BC in Dec and the cheapest for something average is $200 a night not countin
  13. I think there just seems to be less internet coverage up north ...when you dont actually LIVE there yet, its hard to not go where the masses go:)
  14. Why not Aomori? Well Ill be homeless for one.. not really, but Ill be living out of my backpack untill I get to Aomori and have my stuff delivered. Im planning on spending a few days in Tokyo being a tourist, then go somewhere for about 5 days to board. So really I just need a good resort that easy to get to, and that has hotels... I do speak decent Japanese, but ill be culture lagged Im sure..so i was just looking for something easy... If thats available up north, Id love to know which ones would be best.... 5 days is a long time though. I dont wanna get TOO bored:)
  15. My apologies, I spell checked it and it grabbed the wrong word. Didn’t realize this forum was so grammar critical. Again, my apologies.
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