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  1. sorry thursday, i get it now. i'm a little slow before i have my morning coffee. i thought you were suggesting too often they are the same thing, in a negative light towards both feminism and lesbianism. (if you were do that then i don't retract my statement) people tend to presume feminism means militancy. a sort of passe ideology.
  2. Thursday, that's just asisine. SJA, i went to a VERY feminist school, with a very progressive women's studies department, and as such was involved not by choice into many discussions regarding this issue. your wife wants to be a housewife, and has made the choice to do so. that's great. especially if you appreciate the hard work she does. and most "feminists" would agree. however, what about all the women who have not been given a choice to do so, or all the women who have never actually been educated or encouraged to believe they have other options available to them? it is quite ea
  3. was it a forest fire? that's heavy damage.
  4. it took some time but i have really started to love herbert's latest album - scale.
  5. you have to show your passport when you activate it. your passport, like mine, will have some form of residence visa.
  6. personally i would rather be drinking whiskey and soda at a plastic table with plastic chairs along some grungy urban side walk than lounging like a lifeless slug at some beach infested with falang. but maybe that's just me. pardon the tenseness, this humidity is grating at my nerves. where is that bottle of saeng som?
  7. if you only intend to travel up to nozawa and back i think the jr east 4 day pass deal is the best option. it is the cheapest and unlike the other passes which give you a certain number of days after you activate it, this pass gives you 4 separate day passes valid on all trains.
  8. keba, did you see the bobbie flay rematch episode? it was awesome. or how about the episode when one competitor who was working as a takubin driver beat the iron chef and was afterwards invited to become the iron chef italian. another classic.
  9. i was being a little cynical. i don't doubt there is a very well informed activist community in japan. i just don't think the word has gotten out to the vast majority of consumers that parade up and down every main street of this country over weighed with designer bags hanging from their frail little elbows.
  10. dude, talk to Joe. do you know him? i call him the bike whisperer.
  11. i just discovered the other day that many of my kids are doing 3-4 hours of practice in the sweltering heat with out any breaks for water. in fact, kids aren't allowed to have water, they get in trouble for asking. my friend told me that when she was in junior high(15 years ago) it was common for kids to get beaten for sneaking off to get water. i wonder if that still happens? what's more, this is happening despite instructions from the principals and BOE to stop such behavior after several incidents of heat stroke and dehydration. which leads me to believe that clubs has very little to wit
  12. is that what has become of popular television? oh my we are all in more trouble than we can ever possibly imagine.
  13. i suspect it will actually be quite tame. that is of course unless the authorities have a problem with people peacefully demonstrating. i doubt the hardcore anarchists will show up. how many do you know of in japan? for that matter, how many people do you know in japan who have even thought about the negative aspects of this current model of globalization? how many people do you think have even thought about globalization beyond which LV bags are available in Paris and not Tokyo? but thursday has a good point that the korean farmers are likely to turn up in huge numbers.
  14. Originally Posted By: spook yeah, everyone i know who's spent time there speaks highly of the place. i've been wrestling with the go/don't go issue for a while yet. their human rights record is appalling and Aung San Suu Kyi doesn't want people to go there. but on the other hand if you do go, and spend money carefully, it will directly benefit the local economy and people who have had very little say in the way their government is acting. hey spook, i wrestled with that one a little while ago and opted out. i got as far as three pagoda pass and decided not to enter the country. i agre
  15. Originally Posted By: thursday Pepper spray is a waste of...... pepper. If you put piss in those sprays, then that would be guranteed to get them running. i don't know, the demonstrators are strong enough to withstand the foul stench of the company the G8 summit caters to, i think they would hold up just fine.
  16. hokkaido, a good ole' pepper spray and billy club confrontation, entertaining soubs.
  17. the three of those in one sitting is just too much to not take advantage of! i'm booking the time!
  18. it's not as if hokkaido on its own shouldn't be a enough but you know this is japan and travel costs being what they are, i have hesitated in going up till now. this might just give me the added incentive i need.
  19. maybe if we talk about it enough here on the forum something will get done.
  20. i kinda agree with both oyuki and ger, but also want to specify a little more. if you take lessons snowboarding will be difficult, frustrating, and painful for the first 3-5 days, but if you keep it up you will be movin with in a 10 day holiday, and certainly flying by the end of a season. actually i think this learning curve is dangerous as it tends to create overly exuberant confidence; intermediate riders posses the skill to travel fast yet lack the experience to be sufficiently aware of their surroundings. skiing, although easier and potentially less painful for maybe the first 3-5,
  21. i want to bring attention to an awesome statement, "hitting it means tronning". dude! that is top notch. next you'll be talking about the human dart. i think just by sheer vastness of area hakuba/nagano surely wins hands down, but zao certainly has more than enough solid tree skiing to keep two people happy.
  22. they can get a part time job when they graduate from uni. after that they can have all the louise vutton bags their little hearts desire.
  23. it looks like they totally forgot the assignment was due and did it during recess before forth grade art class.
  24. Originally Posted By: JellyBelly The clubs at the school I was at didn't seem that strict actually. I bet some schools are in it for the competitions and really push the kids while others take a more relaxed outlook on it all. i've been told the big city schools are far less rigid with clubs than the rural schools. likely due to the abundance of alternative after school activities available to city kids versus the near void available out in the country.
  25. Originally Posted By: akibun I have been looking at information about it. I want to try in Tokyo. you can get it in shibuya at a canadian pub.(i forget the name) but don't make your ever lasting opinion on it, it isn't nearly as good as you can get in montreal. ger, it makes a great ski meal, but not only apres ski, i've been know to eat it for lunch and ever the odd breakfast!
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