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  1. Classic thread GN i especially know where you are coming from with yours just last night a lady friend asked me about Christchurch - Like `Do people have jobs there ?` I was perplexed but her image was ust that it was like a massive retirement home with a couple of golf clubs to keep residents occupied- The preconceptions are unreal sometimes you wonder if they are just having you on - By far the daftest though was a dumbass canadian chick at a Bar in Akasaka- She asked my friend what he did and he said he was a `Headhunter` to which she replied `Oh my God` gasping with hand over her
  2. First on that enters for me is Tango and Cash - classic quality shite
  3. thanks can you pls enable PMs though would be very helpful
  4. just a few if you are in Tokyo - look fwd to hearing hokkaido stories
  5. Panhead have a great trip- if you are inn Tokyo at all lets hook up sometime -
  6. Back on topic fellas Heres what you do: Go to the find skype users function then search for people that are in `skypeme mode` - then set the location to Tokyo, Japan -(or define otherwise) These are people that WANT to chat - so send a message introduce yourself politely- mainly the Japanese people using sjype I would go out on a limb and say they can speak/ understand the queens to some extent. Chance your arm some would be keen to help I`m certain - its educational- fun for both parties. So Yes you can utilise it to learn Nihongo- why wouldn`t you either ?
  7. come on guys fire up ! even scores so far who will deliver the knockout blow ?
  8. AS ABOVE thank you snowhuntress when I saw this thread I thought I have to comment and your comment is the POS I also had in mind - Avoid this time waster
  9. hachi kogen/ hachi kita/ dyna-land/ Hyonosen / Biwako Valley/ Shiga x 3/ Akakura/ Naeba/ Kagura x 3/Grand Deco/ Alts Bandai/ Suginohara/ Ishi-uchi/ Hakuba 47/ Cortina/ Happone/ Sun- Alpina/ Niseko x 3 / Iwappara / Gala / Tsugaike /joestu kokusai/ Kandatsu (closed?)/ Tenjindaira/ Kawaba/ Kijimadaira/ Togari Onsen/ Nozawa Onsen/ Arai (closed)
  10. Forget Rokko - kids want real snow - go to Hachi its a great resort your kids will thank you for it
  11. Aewsome Muika - My personal favourite is second from bottom Marunuma one - very cool - well done
  12. Aewsome Muika - My personal favourite is second from bottom Marunuma one - very cool - well done
  13. Hachi Kogen is better than neighbouring hachi kita for kids Cio and CB-esp with lindo course a winding road that I have travelled down mnay many times
  14. got an iphone 4 last week pretty stoked with it so farconnection speed is good just trying to sync all the itunes of old powerbook is proving to be a bit of a mission
  15. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Some people can take it or leave it and don't find it hard to go from a pack a day to non smoking. But then there are the rest of us, who more than a decade later still salivate for a ciggie after a few drinks, when others start lighting up. I also find it offensive to sit next to a heavy smoker with that aged stink of smoke in thier clothes and hair and on their breath....but I still find the fresh waft of smoke tempting, even though I know it is stinky and toxic. That is addiction for ya. I consider myself like an alcoholic with cigarettes. I don't par
  16. It is kinda funny I agree Ski -the thing about smoking for those who have never indulged is it is SO hard to stop - it`s the hardest thing in the world - people go on an on about smokers having no will power etc - v easy to get hooked I think I`ll be in for a shock when I leave Japan with the attitudes towards it elsewhere - The industry though however you feel is here to stay though I think in Japan the Government is one of if not the biggest owner of JT.
  17. gotta love the laws in japan concerning smoking etiquette - was with a friend recently at a table outside a prime rib restaurant where we were ordered or asked to `please come inside Gentlemen if you wish to smoke ` !
  18. they just put up the price to around 400yen on average across the board Minty- but no sepec filts here I guess you went to Lincoln ?
  19. Seems stand up paddle is becoming very popular here in Japan esp in Kamakura/ Zushi area Kintaro - If you had an english speaking stand up paddle and w-surf school I think you could do well
  20. RobBright some of your comments are making you sound like a bit of a tool imho
  21. wow many responses - I am a fan agree with GN and PP- Paris rules!
  22. just saw on the j news - has she been turned away at narita -guess the story will break soon - curious sure to do with her recent cola drama@s
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