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  1. Including the first one! Though I did quite like the clattering teeth demon dude.
  2. Please see Planned Season info near the top of the page: http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hokkaido/kamikawa/daisetsuzan-sounkyo-kurodake Yes it does close.
  3. Driveclub out next week. PS Plus has a free not-full-version to download, looking forward to checking that out.
  4. I seem to email less and less. Which is a great thing. Trying to be less reliant and tied to being online.
  5. Come to think of it, I have sometimes heard some rather strange renditions of it in movies. Now I know why!
  6. Don't go looking on ebay for boxes of Walkers Crisps or McCoys... you may regret it!! (Once you shift through some of the crazy postage costs.. found one for 5.99).
  7. Wonder if Japanese guests like that kind of bath? I suspect not, even if they say how kakkoi it is. Then again, I don't suppose it's made for Japanese guests!
  8. It would seem that Mold is perhaps a fine base for the skiing up there!
  9. At last we get to see Mold! How far from Runcorn Ski Centre is Mold, pie-eater?
  10. Whats all this about them now not allowing you to take on uncharged devices or something? The thing that really annoys me each time is having to take out my laptop and ipad at the airport. No-one has told me what value there is in doing that. Can't x-rays look through my canvas bag?
  11. Problem with lunchtime buffets is filling up too much to enjoy the afternoon! Maybe on for a very early start for a half day.
  12. Back onto the subject of nice beers, won't aki aji be out at the end of next month?
  13. We don't have rainy season up here.
  14. He says he wants it to be invisible, not black. I think.
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