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  1. I am looking at transport options for our February visit to transfer between Honshu-Hokkaido. Train seems the obvious option but ferry is significantly cheaper and departure times are more convenient for us. Has anyone taken this ferry, if so what is it like? Is there a bar/restaurant on board?
  2. I've been trying to contact Lodge Mokoro in Annupuri to enquire about room availability but have not received any replies to emails (ruri@lodgemokoro.com) or online booking form enquiries. Does anyone know if the lodge is open? What is the best way to contact them?
  3. How long + how much for a taxi Oshamambe-Niseko? I will be travelling with +1 person and snowboard bags.
  4. Are there any hotels near Oshamambe station? Google says no. I'm planning a transfer from Hakkoda to Niseko and the best way to do it might be to take an evening train to Oshamambe then an early morning service to Niseko.
  5. I'm looking at accommodation options for a 2 week holiday based in Niseko. As far as I can tell, staying in Hirafu is generally more expensive than Annupuri...is that correct? I quite like the idea of Annupuri...easy queue free access to some of the best slopes, miss the morning Hirafu hordes, more accommodation bang for your buck. Is that a fair assessment? I'm aware that Annupuri will be dead at night though, so how easy is it to travel into Hirafu for evening entertainment? If staying in Annupuri, where would be recommended? Considering Lodge Mokoro - is that a good choice? http://
  6. Thanks for all the replies. We are edging towards the option of staying in Niseko and doing day trips to Rusutsu and Kiroro. I see that it is possible to buy a 11 out of 13 or 12 out of 14 day pass for Niesko United which would facilitate this. How frequent are buses between Niseko and Rusutsu+Kiroro? From where in Niseko do they depart?
  7. CNY is 19 Feb next year so how will that translate into holidays? One week either side? Currently considering 24 Jan - 7 Feb...will that in theory miss the worst of the Aussie and CNY crowds?
  8. Group of 3 Yes we drive but would prefer to avoid the expense of car hire if possible Nightlife preferred but not essential Expert (we like to think...) Own gear Powder and minimal crowds are the priorities Yes backcountry Cheers
  9. Cheers. Just wondering if Jan is a safer bet than Feb as I've seen average monthly snowfall records which suggest so. Considering staying in Annupuri to have a better chance of first tracks plus a 2nd week in a different quieter resort, so thank you for your response in my other thread.
  10. If planning a 2 week 2 resort holiday in Hokkaido, Niseko for 1 week, where would be recommended for the 2nd week? (snowboarding, good snow record, minimal crowds, varied steep-ish terrain)
  11. What week in January or February is the best time to visit Niseko for optimum snow conditions and minimum crowds?
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