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  1. Anyone know which mountain has the best snowboard park in Hiroshima?
  2. I can hook you up with Burton gear if you're interested. Where do you live? I can have it shipped to you. let me know...........
  3. Totally didn't read every single reply in this post, but one of my recent favourites is The Shaun White film. I think its called the WHITE ALBUMN. Pretty sweet.........
  4. So anyone planning on hitting up one of the best places on earth to go riding? Too bad the snow is kind of sucking at the moment, but it should be picking up pretty soon! Let me know, I'm here for the season but hitting up the JET ski trip in Feb. Going to be sweeeeeeeeeet.
  5. You can ski in Whistler/Blackcomb pretty much all year round up in the glaciers. I think it closes for like a month in the summer and then re-opens at the end of July or something. Not quite sure.
  6. How's everyone doing? Can someone tell me what the snow is like in Hakuba? Do you think its worth it for me to hit it up for one last session? I'm thinking about hitting it up on Sunday. It will be my last boarding sesh in Japan. If anyone has been up to Hakuba recently, let me know what it was like?
  7. Shaun White is making mad dough through contests and his sponsors. that dude is untouchable. Also, most of the FORUM riders are making lots of cash since the owners own part of the company as well, many of them have side ventures.
  8. Heading back up to Hakuba this weekend. Where are y'all riding at?
  9. I like listening to music as I ride. Back home, they usually only have the music playing in the snowboard parks. I'm not so down with the "Sound of Music" songs that they like to play in Hakuba although the "Kick the can Crew" is pretty tight. It beats having to listen to that stupid "CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE" advertising at DYNALAND! If I hear "CHOCOLATE" with that annoying loud voice again, I think that I am going to kill myself.
  10. I like to think of goggle tan as a bit of a status symbol but its slowly changing because of the dangers of the sun. A lot of pros are starting to wear face masks or bandanas to block the notorious goggle tan. AKA : racoon eyes Personally, I love goggle tan!
  11. I heard of some comp going on in Gunma or Gifu this past week. have any of you heard about this? If so, where was it? How was it? What kind of comp was it? ONEGAISHIMASU.
  12. Anyone else heading up there this weekend? Any parties going on?
  13. i was lectured at Goryu for skiing in the pow just out of bounds. The dude sat me down for about 10-15 minutes and told me about the dangers of avalanches. It was actually pretty scary and he set me straight, for that day anyways. The ski patrol dude wasn't really angry, more worried about my safety than anything. And yeah, he felt it necessary to tell me that, "IN JAPAN WE DON'T GO OUT OF BOUNDS!" I
  14. dang, you missed out on some sweet ass powder. I got stuck waist high in some parts.
  15. DB, were you at Goryu this past weekend? No idea what you look like but I was riding in the pow and got nabbed by the patrol. Was that you that got lectured to right after me?
  16. I use the the SP5 or 6, can't remember the number. THey are pretty sweet bindings and I have had no problems with them. Light, durable, and sexy as hell!
  17. anyone know how to import avi files to adobe premiere? It keeps telling me that its an invalid file type.
  18. Anyone know any companies that rent that charter buses for groups of about 40 people? How much does it cost? Oh yeah, no tour guide needed.
  19. ANyone know where I can catch a bus to Hakuba from the Iida area? How much is it? How long does it take? Does it take you to the village? resort? How often does it run?
  20. This season has been off the hook. I've had about 10 days out so far. I don't think I've ever had this much fun. Can't get enough....................jibbing rules!
  21. So I hit up a local slope this past weekend for some night riding, and low and behold, they had some local pros out filming. They had the team riders (not sure which company) out for the night. Guys were going huge off the table tops, some were people 1080s. Guys were pulling off 360 board slides etc. It was some sik sik riding and the best I've seen in Japan thus far. SHINJIERINAI!
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