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  1. having decdided to go to japan for a month snowboarding i have to difficut task of having to buy some equipment only problem is that i live in the desert so there is no snow-shops anywhere and the first time i will get a chance to buy some will most likey be toyko, can anyone give me some advice on where to buy some gear and what to look for when i buy it thxs for any advice u guys can give me
  2. a friend of mine just came back from japan skiing and keeps on going on good it is there. since i got a spare month in januray i decided to see if it is really that good. i have done some skiing in austria and want to know if it is the same or better/worst. i have decided to go to nagano or more to the matter hakuba and have decided to stay at "snowbeds" for a month they quoted at 59,000 yen which to me sounds a fair price. IS this way too much or on par with what other places are charging around that area. Has anyone stayed there before? is it any good? and info ideas would be greatly apprica
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