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  1. Got me the BD 2 section poles same as Fattwins and Yamakashi, wicked poles, lent em to my wife for a day and had to buy her some too so I could get mine back!Cheap as well, mine cost me YEN 4830 from Rapie in Hakuba, great deals to be had from there now.
  2. So wish I could, but finally left Hakuba for good yesterday. I fanyones unsure about doing it, I say go for man, the course looks like soo much fun, but hey, Chile is waiting for me!!!
  3. Dude, outa here tommorrow avo, down to Osaka for 3 nights (will call you) 1 night in Nagoya, 1 nights in Tokyo then 36 hours flying, 5 hour stop in toronto, 2hour drive across Sanitago, 57 joints, 3 bottles of bourbon, think Im gonna be really tired sooooooooon.....
  4. Suckas! No more work for this little boy either! Work is dead and done, been drunk for days now! the snows shit so we been just hangin around drinkin bourbons in the sun choofin big fattys, but the time has come to leave my little spot that I have been nesting in for a while now. I need a shower, think Im starting to smell, the wife hasnt said anything yet though, maybe she smells too!
  5. still rainin in Hakuba. doesnt look like its gonna stop soon, Im ready for the beach and some surfin!
  6. Got another 25cms last night and its still goin strong out here, Im so glad Im unemployed again, Think I might just go make somemore turns today. But yeah I hear you guys about the sore body, havin trouble walkin today but skiing will be fine. see you guys in osaka in a week or so.
  7. Davo, will be in Osaka on the 24th-26th, will try and catch up, Yama and Fattwins will c u this weekend lets get on it, the North side and south side of Happo is rockin but it rained all night last night so am going to check it out again in about 1 hour!
  8. was riding a set of 223cm ladys downhill skis about 7 years ago, got clocked at 134kms flying over a roll on a race course flew 47.3 meters only about 1.5m off the ground, man that felt cool.
  9. Me and the wife and the dog are leaving on the 28th march after 3 years, 1 in Niigata-shi and 2 in Hakuba. Were pretty sad to be leaving cos weve really built quite a good life here but it is time to move on. Were flying to Toronto to catch up with Grandma for a few days, then down to Chile for a week on the beach at Vina Del Mar then taking two months to drive south looking for a ski town to crash in for the winter. Must say a big thanx to all the people who have helped us and skiied with us, and stayed with us at the backpackers. Its been one huge blast, but it really is time fo
  10. Ive never taught english here and Ive been around for 3 years now. It pretty much depends on what your quals are and what shit jobs your prepared to do, and how little money your prepared to work for. All my jobs have come thru people I know setting me up. Heres a small hint. Get married and send the wife off to work while you play house husband and ski all winter, or for girls vice versa.
  11. Yeah man, Im up for it, dropped some lines yesterday up higher off skyline 1 but it was abit late in the day and thing were getting pretty goopy, Dave hiked up to the cairn just below Happo ike and his lines looked sweeeeeet! havent talked to him about the conditions up there yet but that might be a go this weekend. Im keen anyway, see you when you get here,
  12. Guys, were skippin out of Hakuba on the 23 March, fly out on the 28th, hope to catch up with you all before then. Touqe, nice to meet you last weekend, sorry I was a bit unsociable, was toasted to bits!!hope to see you again before I leave, Its dumpin hard here !!!!!!!!
  13. Mrs Telleboy rips, I told her when we got married to either learn to keep up or be left behind, I think this was good motivation for her. I would have never left her behind (dont tell her that) but she needed a bit of a shove now its great to follow her thru the trees or powder for a change, I love watchin that @ss move!
  14. I wear a wooly with fleece on the inside under my helmut cos it aint got no ear flaps, its smelling pretty rancid after two winters, I started getting zits on my forehead so I washed it, made a difference but I think I need a new one.
  15. Lookin at between 60 -70 days so far, Ive stopped counting, had to take a few days off last week, was way too buggered!
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