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  1. That promted me to get out the The The. New Elbow is a grower.
  2. Can someone remind me when my income is going to rise? In all the excitement, I have heard sod all about that.
  3. First 2 years here I was saving 75% - rent and stuff all got paid for! Not that the salary was massive, but still..
  4. It must be a hard job finding the fine balance between telling people about something while at the same time not telling people about it.
  5. 28th, 29th and 30th pencilled in. How I'm looking forward to it! (Not!)
  6. Wiki gives us more 'notable people' Jonny Buckland, guitarist for Coldplay hails from Pantymwyn (a village two miles from Mold) and attended the Alun School. Ron Hughes, a former professional footballer who enjoyed a long career with Chester City F.C. and played for and managed Mold Alexandra F.C., was born in Mold. Rhys Ifan, actor who appeared in the films Notting Hill, The 51st State and Kevin & Perry Go Large, attended Mold's Welsh-speaking high school, Maes Garmon. Rhodri Meilir, actor, was born in the town. Daniel Owen, Welsh language novelist. Adam Walton, BBC Radio W
  7. So I'm not the only one. I caught a bit of Da Vinci Code the other day. Wow it was just babbling on about codes and uninteresting 'history' for the 30+ minutes I saw. Stop it! And I preferred the ball in the one he was on an island alone.
  8. Hopefully the bank wouldn't get burnt down at the same time!
  9. Ask your accommodation they'll tell you the options. For the train tickets do you mean online before or when you are there? My brother came to Japan and had no problems buying tickets there and then.
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