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  1. Does the bus service pick up and drop off at the Goryu end of Hakuba or do I need to go to the main terminal in Hakuba?
  2. Will be heading to Hakuba Goryu in February 2014 and I am considering my options of travel from and to Narita Airport. I have in the past purchased a 4 day any day JR pass outside of Japan and it made for easy simple travel arrangements but I was committed to travel by train as much as possible to get my moneys worth. This pass is now a 5 day pass and I will only be using it for up to 3 days. This coming tip I have considered staying in Tokyo a couple of nights before hitting the slopes. One option may be to catch trains to Nagano but on the return trip to Narita one option would be to catch a
  3. Last February I stayed at Hotel Ryumeikan. Can walk from Tokyo station. Can highly recommend it. The only thing unusual about it is the foyer and main desk is on the top floor. This coming season I might try Yaesu Terminal Hotel as I will be travelling by myself and it has single rooms. It is also close to Tokyo and comes recommended by Lonely Planet.
  4. Yes, you are quite right when you mention my stance. I am generally over the problem of skiing in the back seat but often end back there when I have been thrown off balance or have become excessively tired in the legs. I actually meant to say I bought the skis in January not February and I am just back in Australia after two weeks in Hakuba. I enjoyed the skis and skiied steeper and faster than previously and was more confident with these skis at higher speed. I am conscious not to get in the back seat and for this reason I was concerned that the binding being aft might not have suited. I also
  5. I have only been skiing for four years but ski both northern and southern hemispheres. In February 2012 just days before flying out of Australia to Hakuba I upgraded my first set of skis, Rossignol Bandit SC80 165, to K2 Aftershock 167. It was not possible to try before I bought. Both the Rossignols and the K2s came with intergrated bindings. Whilst skiing it was pointed out to me that the bindings on my K2 Aftershocks appeared to be possitioned well back on the ski. On return, when compared with my SC80s they were positioned further back. I bought the 2010-2011 aftershocks being told they wer
  6. My skiing experience is limited to 4/6 intensive weeks each year over a period of three years including two weeks at Niseko in the past season and I consider myself to be at the upper level of an intermediate skier. Although approach 60 yrs of age I am fit from years of racing and training on roadbikes. I would like to get an introduction to off piste skiing. Do suitable guided tours opperate out of Niseko for an introduction into back country skiing. I was thinking of purchsing alpine touring skes for use back in Aus, I currently use Rossignol Bandits s80's. Are either of these suitable on an
  7. I am new to this forum and for that matter, relatively new to skiing (and loving it). I will be traveling to Niseko from Australia in late February for two weeks and intend to take my own skis. My first question is. Are my Rossignol Bandits 80 (SC80, S80) suitable for Niseko? Secondly, Qantas allows prepurchase of an additional baggage allowance on the internet at a discount pricebut but appears to exclude travel to japan. Why? Is anyone aware of other provisions for skis or how Qantas treats customers with skis? Marjude
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