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  1. How about the ZX80! Now that was a classic. As the people say, with memory, the more the better.
  2. I used to always get Gateways from the US and then from here before they departed from Japan, then moved on to Dell.
  3. It's in the theaters here right now. I enjoyed it, I think it's a home/dvd flick though rather than one to go to the theater for.
  4. Both my notebook and desktop on about 2 yr cycles. 1 year I get a new notebook, the next year I get a new desktop etc.
  5. NO! I'm staying here more yet. Best time of my life.
  6. I'm a very fussy meat-eater. I won't touch lots of the crap that comes in the form of katsudon and the 'meat'on ramen,
  7. People round me - take the national holidays and the odd other day here and there, but usually nothing more than 2 or 3 days at a time. Taking a 2 week period off would be out of the question so it seems.
  8. The main reason is to try and stamp out piracy, right?
  9. Its good to hear that even being a Scowler, db, your friend at work could find a mate.
  10. I don't think he was being serious, just having fun with some of the stuff we used to like. The first band I liked was Wham
  11. That program is one of the most creative I've ever seen, well the people who appear on it. Definitely worth a watch.
  12. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4593873/ Check it out, a cat with 4 ears! I hope he doesnt get bullied.
  13. We're all budding designers by the looks of it. Some very nice ones there. I'm going to have to give it a go myself I think.
  14. Did you see Swept Away? The BMW shorts are rather better.
  15. I know someone who has his scrotum pierced. He says the biggest problem is "rusting" (!)
  16. None, but it doesn't eliminate the "back of the mind" thoughts of the threats to them.
  17. How does it compare to SSX and others?
  18. Found this: Q&A: Microsoft source code leaked Microsoft has admitted that some of the source code for its widely used operating systems have been leaked on to the internet. BBC News Online explains what has happened and what the consequences will be. The leak of Windows code is a huge embarassment What has happened? Some of the core computer code for Microsoft's Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 products has been found circulating online. The files are reportedly proving very popular on file-sharing networks such as Kazaa and chat nets such as IRC. What is sou
  19. Haagen Daaz wins every time with me. It's fantastic.
  20. How come the trails only seem to have 3 prints in a triangle? And what might a Snow Pig be anyway?
  21. Ha, yeah Quote: If you have anything more to say to me on the matter them please send me a PM. you seem to have a serious problem rating yourself way too highly there..
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