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  1. Great that you finally got to taste Mt Granview. And to think you were questioning whether to go or not!!
  2. I think it's more a case of when he's working he has a few days on.
  3. I have a few friends who have done things. Muzukashii desu ne. If you are lucky you can perhaps keep doing what you love - and keep loving it - and not be overwhelmed by the business side of it and the pressures. Each of my friends all say they underestimated that side of things and frustrated by the necessary Japanese related stuff going on. The problem is that there's usually no 'off switch'. Obviously most of that all applies everywhere.
  4. They really just scrape by each season don't they of late. I do like the town though. Perhaps a place for mid-mid-mid-season to be almost sure of the snow!
  5. Problem with weekend looking better than today and tomorrow is that before then damage has been done. Obviously hoping for as little of that as possible.
  6. How are those monsters doing these days ILoveZao? My friends are considering going this next weekend and invited me. Umming and ahhing.
  7. Really?! Yuzawa town is a good base for the resorts around there. It sure has much more life about it than Zao (which has close to none).
  8. Many don't know anything else and simply because that's what they are being sold and can't be bothered being adventurous.
  9. It would certainly help if Niseko were more consistent!!!!
  10. I don't think anyone expects them to come out and say conditions are absolutely terrible - even if they are, though it would be nice - but if they aren't for making any kind of comment that might put people off going to perhaps just not make stuff up. People are entitled to be angry at that. Interestingly, whenever I have read the 47 site in the past they seem to have been fairly up front about stuff like rain etc, so I'm not sure they are a good example of a skijo that is always peddling crap.
  11. I can understand wanting to go (*anywhere) for the excellent skiing, but going there because 'so that they don't win' - what's the point in that? They don't know they have won, they don't know you. If you go somewhere that frustrates you, well that's just silly I reckon. There's plenty of very fine places in Japan.
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