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  1. I have the "seirus" wrist guards and they are pretty comfy as these things go... they fit under my gloves ok, but having said that I did get my wrist guards first, and took them into the store when I bought my gloves so I could be sure...
  2. Yes the power lines are excellent and in fact their presence should be celebrated !!! They remind us of mans dominion over nature by virtue of our innate and unsurpassed ability to generate electricity ........
  3. For sure Rucky, always is - last year I got fresh tracks in a foot of fresh pow on the runway at Nairta
  4. Well that's good news, JMA must have updated - I looked at this last week and their prediction was generally for things on the warmer side - still it's hard to put too much faith in a 3 month forecast based on averages, a few cold weeks early on and some subsequent warmer spells can spoil disaster for us short term trippers.... I want to know specifically if there will be massive dumps with low wind when I am there in the first couple of weeks in February.... Where is that reputable clairvoyant when I need him /her ????
  5. Where is this clairvoyant, and how do I arrange to give him / her loads of my money so he / she can tell me precisely when the best conditions will be??????? I have already booked but I'm worried that I could miss out on the very best days of the very best pow of the season !!!!
  6. well that definitely ties in with the results of another study released yesterday entitled " It was a rather cool-ish evening so I turned on my heater " in this study it was shown that it was, in fact, cool enough to require the use of artificial heating in order to overcome the (possibly) localised but more likely global effect of decline in temperature which may or may not be due to the start of an ice age.......
  7. Antarctic sea ice is covering a larger area, but there has been record reduction in the extent of the land based ice.......... which accounts for a huge proportion of total volume of land based ice in the world........ ... and the melting of the land based ice decreases the salinity of the sea immediately around Antarctica because of the massive extra volume of fresh water pouring off the land....... lower salinity of the ocean allows it to freeze at higher temperatures........... so for me, while interesting, not any kind of proof the world isn't heating up..... Just saying.......
  8. Soooo....first snow is earlier this year, but the annual climate change / ice-age debate is right on cue
  9. "satan oscillate my metallic sonatas" is the longest palindromic sentence that I have heard....
  10. Well just cause I enjoy a healthy debate backed up with a bit of "Facts" , and without "Cherry Picking" data or hysteria either way - the Bureau Of Meteorology annual reports show 2013 as the hottest year on record for Australia, 2012 above average, 2011 was the only year in the previous decade where ...some..... parts of the country were below average....... so across Australia ( kind of a big place.. ) it hasn't really been that cold lately....... Just sayin.... I would love it to be a bit colder, even if only a few degrees and only in the mountains for the benefit of fluffy white go
  11. Speaking of tuition, been meaning to ask you for details of your services - as I don't know how to do private message on this site - do you mind getting in touch with me to discuss? Will be in Niseko in feb 2015 with my family and they will want lessons...... thanks in advance !!
  12. As one who skied regularly up till I was 19, then started boarding at 35, I reckon boarding is a bit harder on a different muscle group of your legs than skiing is, yet is much easier on the knees themselves....( I feel it in the thighs and outside parts lower thighs where the muscle joins the knees ) I reckon you're not as likely to do ACL injury when boarding as you don't have the possibility of stressing your knees if your skis get crossed / out of parallel.... ( in my not so expert opinion )
  13. Given that the "on Meth" and burglary connection now been firmly established, I reckon I will start up a security company in Toronto.......and maybe as a side business, a chain of Meth Labs & security companies in Japan..........
  14. Well yes... and no - It was a record dump....... for Tokyo ( i recall the news reports saying biggest in maybe 15 - 20 years ? ) As I said though, would rather have had it at the resort. Not a great trip statistic when the biggest dump you get while on your holiday is at Narita airport
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