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  1. I found out recently that one of my old friends is in jail for selling drugs. Now that was a big shock and totally against type, as much as you can say that.
  2. I kinda liked Daft Punks first 2 cds, if only in the car. Their new one is getting slaughtered though in many places. eg >>>>> LCD Soundsystem's recent single Daft Punk Is Playing at My House was witty confirmation of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's unique hipster cachet. But LCD Soundsystem may wish they'd chosen another talisman of cool once they hear Human After All. Apparently knocked off in just six weeks, Daft Punk's third album sounds like it took six days. Six short days. With long lunches. When these tracks were leaked onto the internet in J
  3. I bet akibun will really be satisfied with that answer... Perhaps "toque" knows the answer. http://members.localnet.com/~jgeorge/uniform.htm
  4. Tabloid stuff perhaps but... "Abortion rates are falling, but not among the young. In 1990, Japanese women under 20 accounted for 29,675 of the country's 466,087 abortions. By last year, despite being a much smaller part of the overall population because of the decreasing birth rate, minors had 40,475 of the 319,631 abortions performed in Japan." http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/waiwai/index.html How do those numbers compare to other countries.
  5. I have never has smelly feet. A friend at college did and it prevented him from getting close female friends there for a while. Poor lad.
  6. Wouldn't that be Shiga > Nagano station using their bus, then to Hakuba.
  7. I'm going to start one of those this year. And maybe even take the camera out.
  8. I got back with an ex once. It was after a break of about a year, and when we got back it was as if that year never happended. But. Yappari, we broke up again, it just wasn't going to work that match up. Still friends I suppose even though she's in the States and I'm here.
  9. But are they kind to you if you upgrade from a normal DoCoMo phone to a Foma (?) or do they screw you over that?
  10. Do you want to party with a huge group of gaijin or do you want to relax and soak it up at Nozawa? I know which I'd choose.........
  11. Let's Kentucky. It's the tradition, coming from some overseas company, er, country. ( ) Where they do this every Christmas. And eat sponge cake.
  12. Why are they taking them off in the first place?
  13. You know its all so easy for us to say how stupid people can be, but people like my father who is new to computers, new to email and the like - they can easily be mislead... at least to open mails and the like. I think lots of people come to the internet either completely distrusting it, or the complete opposite. Both bad mistakes.
  14. I really think that'll be a complete waste of your time Fattdude....good luck though. As for the poll, I would definitely get a new one.
  15. Civilization III - you can get lost in there.
  16. Just SLIGHTLY better than a GB mms://wm2.streaming.ne.jp/namco/screen_final_002-1.wmv
  17. It sure ain't the best, but,.... "It's heinous" Really that bad you think?
  18. Quote: Users said it is particularly effective on dark bikinis We will have to keep that in mind.
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