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  1. Ok heres my list.... Australia Indonesia (bali) Malaysia Singapore x 2 Thailand x 3 Fiji Hong Kong Japan England France Italy Greece Hungray Austria Switzerland America (from New york accross to California and all inbetween.... + hawaii) x 2 I was a spoilt child!
  2. Its Sad... we had to postpone... were going in december now instead of july... the terrorist stuff buggered up the trip... SO SAD,... but on the other hand.... were going to Jindy (PERISHER BLUE... do do do what u wanna do do do what u wanna at perisher blue...) for the mth instead! kick aSS!
  3. anyone remember Ridgedy Digge? Im sooo Glad that theres others who watched "you cant do that on television!" nekobi and mistasparkle YA ROCK! check this out for memorys... baby alanis morrisett Love it... You Cant do that on Television
  4. the closest thing we have to that is every year we have a street party at christmas when everyone gose to the bottom of the street and sits around talking like they know each other when they dont... pretty useless really... at least we dont have to pay!
  5. Whatever Bush can do Chimps can do better...!! And SF i aggree... way too much time!
  6. Yumm cheese... i reckon "Strong and Bitey" cheese is the best! Yum...
  7. Gday Base! it has been a while im doing pretty ok u? Getting pretty Excitied... only 25 days till we go to the snow! HELL YEA!
  8. hey all - long time! the goodies!!!! and You cant do that on television!!! and Punky Brewster!!! and theres another one... Its a Knock out!!! AWSOME! any one remeber any off them??
  9. Hey is anyone going there in July?!??!?! mmm.... summer holiday
  10. Cat Walk fashion is awful! yucko! i dont follow fashion at all... i dont like fashion theres no point everyone wondering around in the same clothes thats no fun at all... i'll tend to buy something if im going to be the only person with it! come on everyones a victim of 80's fashion, spill ya guts...! Hyper colour Tees, Fluro Overalls, Scrunchie sox, stone washed white denim, Floral Leggings, Jumpers that are bout 5 sizes too big, Fluffy perms, Slap Bands, transformers, astroboy! OH YEAH BABY
  11. Yo yall... hehe... are you all just trying to make people get busted tell them to burp and fart? or are you for real? is that really polite?!?! whats the deal im unsure weather ur pulling our legs or not! ?!?
  12. plucky i aggree it was difficult being a veggie in japan! i ended up eating noodles and lots of them! i now hate noodles! i missed potatos too.
  13. bakery treats are the best...! drew and i ate lots of bakery treats in japan, dimearu (sp?) the shopping store had a great bakery floor! yum...!
  14. mmm.... some interesting storys there kids.... Im unsure bout it all, i cant say i do believe in ghosts but i cant say i dont believe in ghosts.... Its almost like if i say i do then i'll see one and if i say i dont one will come and scare me.... I'd rather neither of those options. Anyways this topic is freakin me out cause my parents are away and im house sitting...! ARGH!
  15. when drew and i were in japan i missed "salt and vinger smiths" chips... yum... looked to be everyother flavor other than S&V
  16. Quote: You got them SFG, or just tried them on? I have just tried them on, i didnt even try the right size at the time... i was just wondering so i shoved a 9 on and im only a 6 or a 7! but im putting them on my bday wish list!
  17. I suffer everyday.... i dont remember a day in the past years where i havent blown my nose, or my ears havent poped in an out or my eyes havent watered....ARGH the ears popping in an out is the worst of all! Anyone else get that?!?
  18. Question.... y make somthing difficult when it can be simple??
  19. Hey all... I'm wondering how many of you have heard/seen the new vans boots... http://www.vanssnow.com/boots.html They have a dial on them that contracts wire around the boot to tight your "laces - the wire" they a very comfortable i was pretty impressed. has anyone tryed them out? boardered with them? Whats the pro's and con's spill ur guts kids!
  20. My toe next to my pinky toe on my right foot is missing a joint, most toes.. well all toes bend at the point where ur toe meets ur foot and 2 other bends in the toe... my monggie toe only bends once... its very sad.
  21. Two Towers by far.. the 1st one was average. i didnt understand the2nd one cause i didnt concerntate in the 1st one but the 2nd one was much more entertaining! the trees man and legolass surfing on a battle thing! (u all know what i mean!! hehahe) and when he gets on that horse! awesome!
  22. BOYS BOYS BOYS.... what happen to the boobies... arent boobies sexy or are they just fun? mmm...??? ( o )( o )
  23. extrordinary and extactic! awesome words i'll let drew tell you his favorite words he has a few...!
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